Friday, November 23, 2018


Profusion Pro Pigment Eyeshadow Palette

Profusion Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette

Profusion Royals Eyeshadow Palette

Profusion Blush & Glow #2

Profusion Beauty Super Stars Eye & Face Palette

Profusion Sienna Eyeshadow Palette 

Profusion Blush & Bronzer Face Palette

Profusion Blush & Glow #1

Profusion Luminizer Face Palette

Profusion Eye Set in Orchid

Profusion Metallic Lip Gloss

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

✮✮✮#disneyprojectpan✮✮✮ - ✮✮✮Pantastic Ladies Collabs✮✮✮

✮✮✮Disney Animated Film Project Pan✮✮✮ #disneyprojectpan 
Panning Project Products:
Great Progress or Panned
Significant Progress on the way to Panning 
Needs Work; Needs Improvement or Attention

Needs Significant Work and/or Attention 

Dates: June 15 with the Incredibles 2 release - November 21st with the Wreck-It Ralph 2 release. 
Monthly Updates
5-15 products that remind you of Disney animated films, for instance, the winter candy apple body spray for the movie Snow White
Robin Leigh Tucker

Eyelid & Crease Colors from Original Comfort Zone (Needs work!)
                Bambi & Lady’s Coat
Duochrome Shade from Natasha Denona Palette 5 #3 (Signs of Dips)
                Pinocchio’s Bow Tie
Silver From Natasha Deonona Palette 5 #3 (Signs of Dips)
                The Sword from The Sword in the Stone
Pretty Vulgar Gel Ink in Black (Significant Usage)
                Spots from Dalmatian dogs in 101 Dalmatians
Taupeish/Brown (Lunacy) from Kat Von D Interstellar  (Significant Pan Showing) 
                Davy Crocket’s Coon Skin Hat

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

✭✭✭✭✭✭Review, Rate, & Rotate✭✭✭✭✭✭WEEKS 44 & 45✭✭✭✭✭✭

✮✮✮WEEKS 44 & 45✮✮✮

If you have a massive beauty collection, and you really are not into minimalism, leave a comment below regarding how you rotate through your collection. I would love to have your feedback and input. If I was to tell you how many eyeshadow palettes I have, you wouldn't believe me. . . Yep, it's that many! If there is something you want to see reviewed, in particular, eyeshadow palettes, you can reach me on my Contact Me page or Click HERE to send me an email! 
Thanks for checking out my Review, Rate, & Rotate Series!

Rating is out 10 out of 10, with a full point given for each of the ten sections listed above. Points per section may be issued in the following denominations: 0, .0 .25, .50, 1.0. For further clarification, the sections listed are worth a total of 1.0 point and are:
1.     Company Profile & Personality: (available information about the company, cruelty-free status information, philanthropic efforts, unnecessary controversy, indie company vs mainstream)
2.     Price: (product cost, availability of product, shipping cost, available coupons)
3.     Purchase Process: (order time vs receipt of product turn around, availability of product, email notifications including shipping & tracking number, email notification for delivery)
4.     Packaging: (was the item securely package, decorative packaging efforts including information card about the product, upcoming sales, or the company itself)
5.     Pigmentation: (via swatches)
6.     Color Payoff: (via application to the area applicable)
7.     Product Application: (ease of application of the product, for example for eyeshadow, is there fall out, creasing, etc.
8.     Performance: (longevity of wear)
9.     Product Value: (price to product amount ratio, i.e. price per gram + product quality + consumer response (popularity of the product and consumer response) + repurchase option)
10. Overall Product Presentation: shade variation (if eyeshadow), women of color friendly, pale people friendly, universally applicable to many skin tones, desire for repeated use, would you repurchase the item again, is this product associated with a particular trend or is does it market the companies individuality, does the product set a new & innovative trend, is the product effective (does it do what it’s designed to do), does the product have potential multiple application opportunities (i.e. can the product be used as a blush & lipstick), is the product limited edition or a permanent product, is the product part of a collection, is the product consistent (from shade to shade, if an eyeshadow palette) from color to color in a part of a collection and does it function and operate the same each time applied.

If I mention that I am selling any of the items listed below, you can catch those products at a reasonable price on Poshmark @ bougiebriexo or on Mercari @ BougieBrie or you can always reach out to me on my social media channels or click on the Contact Me link at the top of the page and shoot me an email! 

✮Product Name✮ Strobe Cosmetics Custom Palette 

✮Review✮ For a full review of Strobe Cosmetics Single Shadows & My Purchase Experience CLICK HERE



✮Product Name✮ Morphe 3502 

✮Review✮ For a review on this palette & my initial thoughts about the 35o & 35o2 CLICK HERE!



✮Product Name✮ PUR Midnight Masquerade 

✮Review✮ I received this eye & face palette in a Boxycharm and to be honest, I was quite hesitant to use it because the recent collaborations between Boxycharm and Pur have caught a little bit of a negative reaction. Of course, as an objective product reviewer, I went into this with an open mind and I had also watched and read other reviews to gain perspective. I will say that I own several PUR palettes and this is by far my favorite PUR palette that I own and have ever used. The eyeshadow shades are quite eye-catching and are so beautiful. They apply magnificently! Just extraordinarily easy to manipulate and use and very user-friendly. The face products are equally impressive! Perfect for my skin tone and a wonderful selection of shades! 

✮Rate✮ 9/10 Amazing packaging, great shades, and great quality. The only issue I have is that the eyeshadows could have used a different transition shade.

✭Rotate✮ Definitely excited to continue to use this one!

✮Product Name✮ MAC In the Flesh 

✮Review✮ I have had this palette well over a year and I haven't used it, and now I understand why. Every MAC eyeshadow palette I have ever owned I have decluttered or sold. The name of the palette doesn't make sense, "In the Flesh". The palette seems much more cool than neutral or warm as the word "flesh" would indicate. The pigmentation is subpar and the shadows blend away into oblivion. This was the absolute crappiest waste of $65 I have spent on a palette and I have another palette that similar that I have to see if it's equally as disappointing.

✮Rate✮ 2/10 There is nothing to like about this palette other than the magnetic packaging.

✭Rotate✮ I'll be selling this on Poshmark & Mercari, so look for it there!

✮Product Name✮ Natasha Denona 5 Pan Palette #8 

✮Review✮ If you follow me, at all, then you know what I am about to say....I have a die-hard Natasha Denona Eyeshadow FAN!!! I am aware that ND has changed her eyeshadow formula over the course of the years and it varies from palette to palette, but the quality of ND eyeshadows is undeniable and unquestionable. I currently own all of ND 5 Pan Palette  Eyeshadow Palettes from #1 - 13, both 28 pan palettes, the 10 pan palette, the Tropic Palette, the Star Palette, the Sunset Palette, the Lila Palette, both 5 pan palette Holiday Palettes & all the mini palettes. All I need to complete my collection is the Safari Palette, the Gold Palette, & the Cranberry Palette. As far as I a concerned, ND makes the best eyeshadow palette formula and the market and it's worth every damn penny.

✮Rate✮ 10/10 If you read the above, you understand!

✭Rotate✮ Seriously?

✮Product Name✮ Revolution Makeup Skin Bronzer (Cream) 

✮Review✮ I don't tend to use cream face products, such as, blush, contour & bronzers because I have combination skin and it tends to make my face oily and the products slide around on my skin, however, since the weather is getting cooler here in the sun-blasted shit hole known as Texas, I have attempted to wear a couple of cream face products. I decided to start with this product from Revolution Makeup. The issue with applying cream products to the face is getting them to play well with other powder face products as well as your foundation. Additionally, it's important that one is used the most optimal application tool such as a brush or sponge. Once all those details are figured out, you might be able to find success in wearing cream products on your face but most often it's a lot of trial and error. I found pretty good success with this product which was affordable, a pretty good match in terms of tone and color, and user-friendly, which cuts down on operator error. I was definitely satisfied with the results enough to continue to use it through the 2 week period. 

✮Rate✮ 7/10  Very pleased with this product and I will continue to work with it to build my skills and produce beautifully bronzed skin!

✭Rotate✮ Keeping!

 ✮Product Name✮ Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter/Blush 

✮Review✮ Revolution Makeup has a great selection of face products, from blushes to highlighters, to strobing powders, contour shades, and even baked bronzers. Additionally, the face products, along with their other products, are extremely affordable and accessible for consumers. Often you can pick up Revolution Makeup products at Ulta on a buy 1, get 1 1/2 off deal, and you can really clean up and get a ton of products to try out. I love this baked blush/highlighter. The color is perfect for my skin tone and it adds the perfect pop of color on my cheekbones! The color is particularly beautiful for winter time and I was pleased throughout the 2 week period I used it.

✮Rate✮ 8/10 Takes a bit of building up and has crappy packing, but an overall fantastic product!

✭Rotate✮ Keeping!

 ✮Product Name✮ Model's Own Sculpt & Glow Deep

✮Review✮ I purchased this palette during a sale at Ulta and was able to snag it for 40% off. It contains a bronzer, highlighter, and a blush and the palette comes in both light & deep tones. The shades are surprisingly smooth and quite creamy to the touch and for the price I paid, I found this product performs very well. It's perfect for a novice/beginner to face products or a teenager or young adult learning about the fascinating world of makeup and beauty products. Seeing as this is a lower end budget product/affordable the packaging is pretty lame and cheap, but the product itself is pretty damn good. I was impressed.

✮Rate✮ 8/10 Good product and great value for your money. Catch it on sale at Ulta!

✭Rotate✮ Keeping it for now!

 ✮Product Name✮ Kat Von D Metal Crush Highlighter Palette

✮Review✮ I purchased this half price from Sephora last year and I am just now getting around to using it.....yep, I have that much shit in my collection. I wouldn't have purchased this at full price simply because this highlighter palette is not your everyday office friendly palette. It might not be appropriate for a meeting with your supervisor or an interaction with a client (based on your industry), but it is perfect for the weekend and the shades are excellent for the summer time. These are VERY glittery highlighter shades, both unique and innovative, but glittery nonetheless. If that's your jam, then you will love this highlighter palette and if you're into different and original shades, this is definitely the one for you. However, if you are an office dwelling individual that goes for the classic champagne or white gold or even gold highlighter, then miss this one honey.

✮Rate✮ 7/10 This highlighter palette is targeted for a specific demographic as is the case with a lot of Kat Von D products. The opportunity to reach a different customer base is often missed and/or ignored, which is questionable in terms of intentions of the product. Packaging is cute and I can make the shades work, but this product isn't for everyone.

✭Rotate✮ Keeping this one because it is unique to my collection.

 ✮Product Name✮ It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation Powder/Lancome Dual Finish Powder

✮Review✮ (a) This foundation powder is something I am just trying to use up. I am not particularly fond of the powder, yet I hold no disdain for it either. I have other powders that perform better, so this is an effort to use up this product. (b) This powder from Lancome was purchased out sheer pressure from an Ulta salesman. It is indeed a good product and works well with the Lancome Teint Idole Foundation, however, I have other powders to go through before I consider repurchasing this one.

✮Rate✮ 3/10; 6.5/10 At this point, both of these powders functioned to be used up so that I can move them out of m collection. The Lancome may be a possible repurchase!

✭Rotate✮ Keeping and using up!

✮Product Name✮ Various Eye Products 

✮Review✮ Look for a review in the following weeks. Was unable to use all these products!