Sunday, December 30, 2018

✮✮✮Palette(s) of the Month Series✮✮✮November Round Up✮✮✮

How often did I reach for this palette? Why or Why not?

The two eyeshadow palettes I chose for the month of November both receive significant use. The Tartlette eyeshadow palette from Tarte received the most use. This particular palette is one of my older ones and so I tried to show it a little more love than the eyeshadow palette from Nars.

Did I enjoy using this/these palette(s)? Why or Why not?

I enjoyed using both palettes. In particular, I noticed that the Nars eyeshadow palette was in my opinion the perfect neutral eyeshadow palette for me and so I'm very glad that I had the opportunity to use it. The Tartlette eyeshadow palette is an oldie but goodie and I was able to use that in many cool tone looks or looks that had a purple tone to them. Overall it was very satisfied with the amount of use that I was able to get out of both eyeshadow palettes.

Did I rediscover a fondness for this/these palette(s) or did I discover that I was fonder of this/these palette(s) than I realize?

I did rediscover my fondness for my Tartlette eyeshadow palette. I am not a huge fan of matte eyeshadow palettes, because I never do all matte looks, but I was able to create some magnificent looks using this palette and I'm very glad that I've kept it in my eyeshadow collection. In terms of my Nars eyeshadow palette, I must admit this is my first use of a Nars eyeshadow palette. I still think that Nars products are generally overpriced especially their eyeshadow palettes, but still was a solid neutral palette and I very much enjoyed it. 

If I lost this/these palette(s), would I repurchase?

If I lost these eyeshadow palettes, I would repurchase them with the idea that I would have a more pared-down collection. For example, I would only have 1 to 2 all matte eyeshadow palettes and I would significantly pare down my neutral palette collection using this one as a base of my neutral palette collection.

With this experience and knowledge regarding use of this/these palette(s), what would I do differently (regarding this/these purchases, future purchases of similar products, trends?

I would really watch my purchase of neutral and matte palettes. I have more than I really need at this point and these are two solid palettes that I could get more use out of if I decluttered some of my other neutral and matte palettes.

Keep, Declutter, or Probation?

Both are keeps!

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