Tuesday, December 4, 2018

✭✭✭Weekly Product & Palette Rotation✭✭ 48 & 49✭✭✭

✭✭✭Weekly Product & Palette Rotation✭✭ 48 & 49✭✭✭

✭✭✭I just want to go over a couple of changes I initiated several rotations back. I have reverted back to a Bi-Weekly Product & Palette Rotation & a Bi-weekly Review, Rate, & Rate schedule. The Bi-Weekly Product & Palette rotation posts on Mondays and rotates every other Monday, whereas Review, Rate, and Rotate will post the Friday of the week after the Rotation is posted. Each series will post on the opposite week of the other. Make sense? Clear as mud? Ok, good! Also, in order to rotate through my palettes in a better and more functional way, I will be choosing one palette from each category I have created in my inventory (Custom, High-End, Small High-End, Large, Luxury, Affordable) every two weeks, and I will select 2 palettes that are new/newer releases that I have not used2 palettes that I have not used that may be older, & 2 palettes that I have already rotated through my collection. Additionally, I will be selecting one to two palette(s) to use all month as a supplemental palette(s). Also throughout the rest of the year, I am participating in several Panning Projects, and those products will be used throughout the month as supplements. Again, clear as mud? Make no sense? Good, well we are all on the same page!✭✭✭

Unisex1 Eyeshadow Palete

Kylie Purple Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Opulence Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva Offline Eyeshadow Palette

Blush in Pink Rose & Estee Lauder Bronzer

Marc Jacobs The Vamp Eyeshadow Palette

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