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✮✮✮WEEKS  1 & 2✮✮✮

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If you have a massive beauty collection, and you really are not into minimalism, leave a comment below regarding how you rotate through your collection. I would love to have your feedback and input. If I was to tell you how many eyeshadow palettes I have, you wouldn't believe me. . . Yep, it's that many! If there is something you want to see reviewed, in particular, eyeshadow palettes, you can reach me on my Contact Me page or Click HERE to send me an email! 
Thanks for checking out my Review, Rate, & Rotate Series!

Rating is out 10 out of 10, with a full point given for each of the ten sections listed above. Points per section may be issued in the following denominations: 0, .0 .25, .50, 1.0. For further clarification, the sections listed are worth a total of 1.0 point and are:
1.     Company Profile & Personality: (available information about the company, cruelty-free status information, philanthropic efforts, unnecessary controversy, indie company vs mainstream)
2.     Price: (product cost, availability of product, shipping cost, available coupons)
3.     Purchase Process: (order time vs receipt of product turn around, availability of product, email notifications including shipping & tracking number, email notification for delivery)
4.     Packaging: (was the item securely package, decorative packaging efforts including information card about the product, upcoming sales, or the company itself)
5.     Pigmentation: (via swatches)
6.     Color Payoff: (via application to the area applicable)
7.     Product Application: (ease of application of the product, for example for eyeshadow, is there fall out, creasing, etc.
8.     Performance: (longevity of wear)
9.     Product Value: (price to product amount ratio, i.e. price per gram + product quality + consumer response (popularity of the product and consumer response) + repurchase option)
10. Overall Product Presentation: shade variation (if eyeshadow), women of color friendly, pale people friendly, universally applicable to many skin tones, desire for repeated use, would you repurchase the item again, is this product associated with a particular trend or is does it market the companies individuality, does the product set a new & innovative trend, is the product effective (does it do what it’s designed to do), does the product have potential multiple application opportunities (i.e. can the product be used as a blush & lipstick), is the product limited edition or a permanent product, is the product part of a collection, is the product consistent (from shade to shade, if an eyeshadow palette) from color to color in a part of a collection and does it function and operate the same each time applied.

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✮Product Name✮ Lorac Pro 2

✮Review✮ If you following me at all, you know that Lorac is one of my favorite eyeshadow brands, well, powder products in general, including their foundation powders, blushes, and highlighters. The Lorac Pro 1 was my very first high-end eyeshadow palette. I fell in love with the brands' formulation and their heavily neutral palettes. And then....I was introduced to the Lorac Pro 2. The sister palette to the Lorac Pro, this palette is all about the cool tones. Although the palette does represent a few neutral shades, it means heavily cool, with a beautiful navy, a very pigmented plum, a stunning silver, and a unique olive. I'm not one that prefers warm, neutral, or cool. I pretty much can rock whatever I want whenever I want and even though I'm getting older, I am all about bold colors (which may not be appropriate for my age). But if in want a beautifully constructed cool tones palette, this is the one I would reach for.

✮Rate✮ 8.5/10  Points deducted for Lorac unimaginably plain packaging as well as Lorac's dated eyeshadow style and the amount of product per pan.

✭Rotate✮ Keeping this one!

✮Product Name✮ Huda Beauty Textured Rose Gold (Original)

✮Review✮ I feel like Huda changes her eyeshadow formula quite a lot.  In this rotation, I tried three palettes from Huda (one is in a project pan) and I'm pretty positive that each palette contains a different formulation. This palette was pretty polarizing in the beauty community. Most people either loved or hated this palette. I'm somewhere in the middle. First of all, if a palette requires special instructions, i.e., you need to apply the shimmer shades with a finger, you probably should tell the consumer that, and additionally, most of us don't want to do extra shit to create an eye look. We want to open the palette and go to work. I'm not particular about needing a damn manual to use a palette. On top of that crap, the brand had the audacity to release a "remastered" or new and improved version of this palette, basically saying that this one (the original) wasn't their best effort, which a lot of people found super shady.  All that being said, I do like this palette. I think the color story is beautiful and the shimmers are stunning but I would have never purchased this palette if I was aware that I had to use my finger to apply my shimmers or if I had known that there was going to be a better version released down the line.

✮Rate✮ 6.75/10 I'm thinking about selling this one and buying the remastered, however, the reviews are similar to the original palette.

✭Rotate✮ Not sure what to do here....

✮Product Name✮ Huda Beauty Desert Dusk

✮Review✮ This palette's formulation is completely different from the one above and I really didn't enjoy it. I used this palette several times over the two week period and each time I was mildly satisfied with my look. The shimmers were just not what I expected and didn't pack there punch that I was looking for. The mattes are very dry and difficult to blend. The packaging is actually quite beautiful, but that is the highlight of this palette. 

✮Rate✮ 3.75/10  Extremely disappointed and a waste of money.

✭Rotate✮ This one is currently for sell on both Mercari and Poshmark.

✮Product Name✮ Bad Habit Come Mystics

✮Review✮ I couldn't explain to you how much I cannot stand this palette and how disappointed I was after using it the very first time. I was so shocked by the horrible condition of this palette, from the fallout to the crumbling shadows to the unusable shimmer/glitter shades that I grabbed my phone and made a short video which I posted on Instagram and additionally, I tagged the brand who did not respond in any way. Click on the video below to catch a glimpse of the disaster that is this overpriced piece of crap palette. I wouldn't recommend this palette to someone I severely disliked!

✮Rate✮ 0/10 This is the shittiest palette I've ever tried in my life and if this company was worth a damn they would give me my $24 back and an issue an apology for making me use it.

✭Rotate✮ I decluttered this palette immediately. I won't be purchasing from Bad Habit Cosmetics from this point forward.

✮Product Name✮ Too Faced Razzle Dazzle Eyeshadow Palette

✮Review✮  Am I the only one that is confused by Too Faced's random Eyeshadow formulations? The brand has some amazing hits over the last year and a half (Chocolate Gold Bar, Clover Palette, Gingerbread Spice,The Boss Lady Agenda Palette, Just Peachy Mattes), but then it comes out with these limited edition half ass palettes and guess what? Consumer's buy them, and Too Faced knows that they are taking advantage of a materialistic and consumeristic culture of young men and women because they'll purchase anything that the brand puts out - good or bad. This palette was mediocre at best, which is tragic because the color story is outstanding. It is quite unfortunate that Too Faced couldn't connect this fabulous color story with an equally beautiful formulation. The mattes are fair. They aren't too powdery, smooth, or even dry. They're just average. Nothing spectacular, unlike the Just Peachy Mattes palette. The real sad part of this palette is the shimmers. They are incredibly difficult to work with. You can't really pick them up on your brush, and I am not one for using my finger, which doesn't work by the way. It's actually a beautiful palette, but the brand screwed around too much with the formulation and I call this a flop!

✮Rate✮ 4/10 This palette basically only gets points for its aesthetic value.

✭Rotate✮ Waiting to try the pineapple one to compare formulas.

✮Product Name✮ Strobe Cosmetics Singles




✮Product Name✮ Morphe 8C

✮Review✮ This is an excellent little blush palette from Morphe. If you follow me then you know that I am not a huge Morphe fan. I have decluttered almost all of my palettes, but this particular blush palette is worth every damn penny. I love the tones and the variety of finishes! I think that for the price,this is an excellent little blush palette .

✮Rate✮ 8/10 Although Morphe has improved and streamlined their packaging, I can still name fine drugstore brands work better packaging, so points are deducted. 

✭Rotate✮ I'll be keeping this one!

✮Product Name✮ Malibu Glitz Blush

✮Review✮ I purchased this little blush from Shop Miss A for a dollar. As I have mentioned many, many times, I am not particular about my blushes. Blushes, regardless of brand or price, wear extremely well on my skin. I love brands like Lorac & Tarte but in all honesty, this little blush is just as long wearing as my high-end blushes. I'm actually going to be going through my blush collection and working towards lightening my collection.

✮Rate✮ 6/10 This isn't the best shade for me but I can make it work

✭Rotate✮ I am going to go through all my blushes and make some decisions regarding my blush collection.

✮Product Name✮ Candyman

✮Review✮  I'm not sure if this is supposed to be a bronzer or a highlighter and honestly for me, depending on the time of year, it would be either. I used it over the past two weeks as a highlighters and it was a little dark, but I was able to pull it off. I think I prefer to use this in the summer as a bronzer. Very good formula and easy to apply. I really liked this product.

✮Rate✮ 8/10  Job well done by the brand to include shades that can be utilized by a wider variety of skin tones.

✭Rotate✮ I'll be keeping this one.

✮Product Name✮ Estee Lauder Double Wear

✮Review✮ For the last several years, I have been overly coat that this foundation was my ultimate favorite, and to an extent, it still is, but this year I discovered Too Faced Peach Perfect Foundation, which ultimately style the number one spot. I'm failing to mention my love for UD All Nighter foundation, another foundation that is a favorite. There's a couple of issues with this foundation for me. First, I have the wrong shade. Secondly, this is a foundation for the Houston Summers not Winters. I think once I start using this in the summer, my love for this foundation will come rushing back.

✮Rate✮ 8/10  Need to get the right shade!

✭Rotate✮ Going top focus on using this in Summer.

✮Product Name✮ Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

✮Review✮ When I first used this foundation, I really liked it, but my opinion of the foundation has changed over time, especially with the changes in my skin. I'm ok with how the foundation applies and in actuality it is a hydrating seem, which should have been a huge clue to me. When you apply the foundation to the skin it really looks quite beautiful, but over time it makes the skin very oily, even in the winter time. This is not the foundation for me and I'll be getting rid of it.

✮Rate✮ 5/10 This would be an excellent foundation for someone with dry skin, but not for me.

✭Rotate✮ I'll be selling this on Poshmark/Mercari

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