Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Personal, Lifestyle & Collection #GOALS FOR 2019

Lifestyle Changes & Collection #goals For 2019

If you are a YouTube watcher, you might be aware of the latest trend in the beauty community to practice a form of minimalism by participating in a yearlong #lowbuy/#nobuy challenge of sorts. I will state firmly that I am in no way a minimalist nor do I desire to be one in any way. Although my materials don't define me, I hold no shame in participating in a capitalist society in which I have the ability to purchase what I want, when I want, without short changing my freedoms and contributing to the principles that guide our economic stability by way of the basic notion of supply and demand. 

What I’ve noticed by way of YouTube and other bloggers is this unnecessary and improper use of social media outlets to shame consumers into minimalist behavior by accusing people of being wasteful or excessive in their spending habits, their desire for high quality (often high end or luxury) products, and their refusal to purchase products which a consumer might view as substandard or unnecessary to purchase if their budget allows more appropriate items.

I don’t subscribe to the notion that because American’s are seen as excessive and wasteful, that ideal applies to me, and if it does, it really is not any one person’s concern how I spend the money that I earn and whether the purchase I make are worthy and significant. Other people’s opinions about me are not my concern, problem, issue or care. I answer to no human and I am completely responsible for myself and how I conduct my financial affairs.
Now, with that being said…. Regarding my collection, in particular, my eyeshadow collection, I have learned a great deal about my personal color story and what quality looks like for me. Unlike many in the beauty community, I will not be engaging or participating in a #nobuy / #lowbuy this year, but I am borrowing some ideas from the Konmari Method and I am choosing to also be a better steward of the gifts Good provides for me and a more thoroughly appreciative person in terms if the fruits of my labor. A friend of mine, Audrey, suggested that I stay away from a hard and fast all or nothing thinking and restrictive behavior and lean towards ideas that are reasonable, reflect my true intentions and desires, and honor the hard work that goes into making a living. The following are some guidelines, NOT rules, for better utilization of my money. These guidelines are not hard and fast must, do’s, or don’ts. Just an idea of the parameters I want to operate within.


***Work towards streamlining my collection by limiting the purchase of any new blushes (singles), highlighters (singles), contour (singles) or palettes of any of the formerly mentioned. **exceptions are made in moderation during special sales like the VIB or Ulta 20% off or 21 days of beauty 

*** Work towards streamlining my collection by not purchasing any unnecessary drugs store products. *exceptions are made in moderation for any Soap & Glory Body Care products, Maybelline Fit Me Foundations, Maybelline Fit Me Pressed or Loose Powder, L’Oréal Infallible Pro Matte Foundation, or Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation, any Milani Face Products, any affordable primers, Flower Beauty Translucent Powder, Blushes or Highlighters, and L’Oréal Paradise or Voluminous Mascara. 

*** Work towards streamlining my collection by not purchasing any new foundations. Work towards decluttering and dwindling down foundation collection to 5-10. *exceptions to be made in repurchasing a foundation that I intend to keep and continue using. 

*** Work towards streamlining my collection by not purchasing any face powders or setting powders. * exceptions are made in moderation during special sales like the VIB or Ulta 20% off or 21 days off beauty or if I do not have a backup of a powder I truly love & enjoy already in my collection. 

*** Work towards streamlining my collection by not purchasing any eyeshadow palettes or single shadows, or any face products from ShopHush or AOA. I have no need for these products. I just decluttered and gave away several products from these companies that were completely unused. I will not use these items and these purchases are always strictly impulse buys. *I am allowing myself to purchase other items from these companies, but none of the ones mentioned above. 

***Work towards streamlining my collection by not purchasing any new eyeliners, mascaras (except for L’Oréal mascaras) or cream eyeshadows. *exceptions are made if replacing an item that I do not already have a backup of. 

***For every eyeshadow palette purchased, I must be willing to consider parting with another in my collection. Consider seasonal declutters in January, April, July, October & December. Look towards curating my collection and streamlining it to reflect products I truly love and enjoy and bring me happiness, contentment, and joy. 

***Single eyeshadow purchases are ok because I am looking to fill my ginormous magnetic palette from Coloured Raine with high-quality eyeshadows I enjoy, particularly from Indie brands. 

***Do not purchase any unnecessary brushes for eye or face. Eye or face brushes can only be purchased if I do not have one in my collection that is comparable. No brush sets at all. 

***Do not purchase any new lip products. *exceptions are made if I completely use up a particular lip product I truly love and enjoy and want to replace it. 

***Purchases of any perfumes or body sprays are ok, even if purchasing more than one of the same fragrance (body sprays) because I use these with great frequency. Use moderation in purchases and consider cost and number of fragrances being purchased. 

***Purchases of body lotions & butters are ok, but all Bath & Body Works purchases must be made during a sale or with a coupon and moderation is to be practiced during these purchases. 

***Only 2 subscription services at a time. No music streaming services. Consider getting rid of prime after 6 months to see if it is a valuable service worth keeping. No Kindle Unlimited (I have 500 kindle books that need to be read). No in-app purchases with games played on phone or tablet. 

***Pedicures are ok once a month, and toenail polish change is ok once a month. No upgrades in pedicures, no additional costs like rhinestones, designs, etc. as these are unnecessary costs for me personally. 

***Ordering food to go or for delivery (includes drive-thru) are ok 2x a month. Other than that, no drive-thru, delivery or pick up meals. Dining out with family or friends is ok in addition to the 2x’s a month. To go drinks, including Starbucks etc., are ok once a month. 

***All funds from sales on Poshmark or Mercari must be deposited first and then can be used to purchase items on either Poshmark or Mercari. This will help with impulsivity and purchases that are not fully thought through and truly desired. 

***Participate in weekly savings challenge. Whatever number week of the year it is, that amount must be put away and saved. If it’s easier to take the total that is to be saved for the year ($1,378) and divide it by 52 and save the same amount each week ($26.50), then work towards that instead. Whatever the method, the goal is to save a total of $1,378 dollars for the entire year in addition to my normal savings account. If the amount of money to be saved changes or another method is implemented, post update. 

***Make an effort to return to other hobbies besides beauty like crocheting, coloring, reading, and piano. Don't forget about the other things you do that bring you, Joy.

***Research support groups for grief and depression as well as groups that specialize in Dialectical Behavior Therapy. 

***Pay bills first, put money into savings, and operate within the guidelines of a monthly budget. 

***Let go of the notion that more is better and try to buy what you need. 

***Remember these are not hard and fast rules. Allow yourself room for both mistakes and improvement.

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