Sunday, January 6, 2019


Last year I started this series called YouTuber of the Week, but I got a bit overwhelmed and drop the series. Recently my desire to go back to posting a YouTuber of the Week has been renewed by the bad ass micro YouTubers killing the scene like this little lady below. Meet Smokey Glow or Hannah! I really dig this young lady because she is a lot like me. She is a social justice warrior, always down for a just and worthy cause. She is honest, funny, insightful, and witty and generally doesn't care what you think about her (remind you of someone). She's also an "average" woman who loves makeup and is having fun applying it and talking about various topics that are both relatable and important. I feel like if we lived in the same area and I was like 15 - 20 years younger we could be homies. She's really a bad ass, so check her out!

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