Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Product Rotation – Changes
I reached out to a couple of fellow makeup lovers (in particular, my eyeshadow people) because I am still trying to find the balance between “collecting” palettes and “buying” palettes. At this moment, I have just over 700 eyeshadow palettes, which may seem like a lot, but until recently, I was approaching close to 800! As I always say, I am not a minimalist. Far from it in fact, however, I still need to pare down my collection and decide what I need to keep, sell, and give away. As I sort through my eyeshadow palette collection, I continue to learn what brands I enjoy and work best for me, as well as color stories that are flattering to my features. I have brands that I collect that I enjoy immensely, but they are overshadowed by brands I enjoy, but on a much lesser scale. The objective over the next year is to irradiate eyeshadow palettes from my collection, that I am not passionate about. Here’s how I plan to tackle this:
1.       I will continue my Product Rotation Series every other Monday. I decision maker app will pick 10 eyeshadow palettes from the following categories: High-End, Large, Small High-End, Luxury, Affordable, & Custom. Additionally, the decision maker app will select 2 blushes, 2 highlighter, 1 bronzer or contour, and either 1 Multi-Use Face Palette or a Blush & Highlighter Palette, as well as 2 foundations and five single eye products.
2.       Panning project products will be incorporated throughout the month, based on the week that I have selected to use them in.
3.       At the end of the two weeks, on Sunday, I will decide whether to keep the items, sell them, or give them away. Every Sunday, I will go through all my products and see if there is anything that needs to be decluttered immediately.
4.       Items for sell will remain on sale for 2 months and if not purchased, will be donated.
5.       The Wednesday after the rotation ends, I will post a Review & Rate.

6.       The end goal is not to get down to a particular number, but to feel as though my collection is representative of my love of makeup.

This week's product rotation group!

Estee Lauder Double Wear, Milani Conceal & Perfect, L.A. Girl Pro Matte

Tarina Tarantino, Obnoxious Cosmetics, Wet n Wild, L'Oreal

Milani, Amuse, Tarte

Anastasia Beverly Hills Sun Dipped

Coastal Scents Custom Blush Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette

Becca Ombre Rouge

Colourpop Vacation Mode

Colourpop Saucey Palette

Dominique Cosmetics Lemonade Palette

Natasha Denona Holiday Palette in Joya

Pat McGrath Bronze Ambition

Tarte Treasure Box