Sunday, March 17, 2019



How often did I reach for this palette? Why or Why not?

I reached for all the eyeshadow palettes equally.  There were two I enjoyed more than the rest. I created more fun and interesting looks with my custom palette from Make Up For Ever and my Atlantis palette that I purchased from Shop Hush. 

Did I enjoy using this/these palette(s)? Why or Why not?

My favorite looks last month came from the Atlantis palette  truly pigmented eyeshadows that were vibrant and rich and true to color. The other two palettes in this month's rotation were very good too, but I more enjoyed my custom palette and the Atlantis palette. 

Did I rediscover a fondness for this/these palette(s) or did I discover that I was fonder of this/these palette(s) than I realize?

I realized more than anything that before I donate or sell anything, I was hurt top try kir out. I was gulping top five away not Atlantis palette, but I'm so glad I tried it first. 

If I lost this/these palette(s), would I repurchase?

I would repurchase all of them, but in a very particular order. 

With this experience and knowledge regarding use of this/these palette(s), what would I do differently (regarding this/these purchases, future purchases of similar products, trends?

I've begun to see that taking my time to purchase items is more important than buying a product ad soon add its released.  All of these products I took time took purchase leaking to a more informed and well thought out cosmetic purchase experience. 

Keep, Declutter, or Probation?

Keeping all of them! 

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