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Product Rotation – Changes 
So, I have this amazing friend named Audrey and she helped me come up with a better way to rotate through my products because of my extensive collection. Instead of allowing a randomizer to pick my palettes, moving forward I will be doing bi-weekly themes. This is an easy way for me to pick out palettes that I WANT TO USE and determine what palettes need to be sold or given away. At the height of my palette collection, I had approximately 850, and I have whittled that down about 675. I will continue to reiterate that this is NOT a journey towards minimalism, but a desire to use the products I really love. Examples of themes could be but are not limited to: Luxury Week, Colourpop Week, Juvia's Place Week, Spring Themed Palettes, Palettes for Weddings, Bright & Bold Palette Week, Birthday Palette Week, ABH Palette Week, Single & Custom Palette Week, Chopping Block Week, Audrey Pick's Palettes Week, Put a Little Glitter in Your Life Week, Indie Brand Palette Week and so on. I am super excited about this new and different way of rotating my collection. If there is a particular theme you want to see, please feel free to reach out to me by clicking HERE!  I will continue to use the randomizer to pick out other items in my collection, such as blush, highlighter, etc. as well as the bi-weekly theme.

I reached out to a couple of fellow makeup lovers (in particular, my eyeshadow people) because I am still trying to find the balance between “collecting” palettes and “buying” palettes. At this moment, I have just over 700 eyeshadow palettes, which may seem like a lot, but until recently, I was approaching close to 800! As I always say, I am not a minimalist. Far from it in fact, however, I still need to pare down my collection and decide what I need to keep, sell, and give away. As I sort through my eyeshadow palette collection, I continue to learn what brands I enjoy and work best for me, as well as color stories that are flattering to my features. I have brands that I collect that I enjoy immensely, but they are overshadowed by brands I enjoy, but on a much lesser scale. The objective over the next year is to irradiate eyeshadow palettes from my collection, that I am not passionate about. Here’s how I plan to tackle this:
1.       I will continue my Product Rotation Series every other Monday. I decision maker app will pick a theme for a two-week period and eyeshadow palettes from the following categories will be utilized: High-End, Large, Small High-End, Luxury, Affordable, & Custom. Additionally, the decision maker app will select 2 blushes, 2 highlighter, 1 bronzer or contour, and either 1 Multi-Use Face Palette or a Blush & Highlighter Palette, as well as 2 foundations and five single eye products.
2.       Panning project products will be incorporated throughout the month, based on the week that I have selected to use them in.
3.       At the end of the two weeks, on Sunday, I will decide whether to keep the items, sell them, or give them away. Every Sunday, I will go through all my products and see if there is anything that needs to be decluttered immediately.
4.       Items for sell will remain on sale for 2 months and if not purchased, will be donated.
5.       The Wednesday after the rotation ends, I will post a Review & Rate.

6.      The end goal is not to get down to a particular number, but to feel as though my collection is representative of my love of makeup
7. The themes picked to add to the randomizer are based on seasons. For instance, for the summer, the randomizer will have a selection of themes associated with bright colors, the beach, etc. 

1)       Birthday Week Picks
2)       Old School Palettes
3)       Chopping Block
4)       April Showers, Bring May Flowers
5)       Bright & Bold
6)       Beach & Summer Palette Week
7)       Juvia’s Place
8)       Neutral Week
9)       Tarte
10)   Berries
11)   Purple & Pink Week
12)   Indie Brands (US)
13)   Indie Brands (Other)
14)   Affordable Week
15)   Luxury Week
16)   Large & In Charge Palettes
17)   Colourpop
18)   Too Faced &Urban Decay
19)   Kat Von D & Jeffree Star
20)   Make Up For Ever & Urban Decay
21)   Too Faced & Ciate London & MAC
22)   Lorac & ABH
23)   Becca & Dose of Color
24)   PUR & Smashbox
25)   Violet Voss & Morphe
26)   Soft, Sexy, Sultry
27)   Eye & Face Palettes
28)   Put Some Glitter On It
29)   ND, Viseart, Auntie Pat
30)   Warm Toned & Cool Toned
31)   Fall Palettes
32)   Blue & Green Week
33)   B.O.M.B Palettes
34)   Christmas/Holiday Releases
35) Random Unused Palettes✓
36)  SingleShadows Week

This week's theme is "RANDOM UNUSED PALETTES". Here are the picks!
BH Cosmetics Studio Pro

Excellent palette, that I only got to use once. One of the shades is broken, so that was a bummer. Undecided about what to do with this palette, but keeping it for now!

Natasha Denona Tropic Palette

Natasha is my favorite.  HANDS DOWN!  I did pick up a dupe for this palette that I want to use in conjunction with this palette. Love Mint Frost and Lemonade.

PUR Visionary

Such a gem of a palette! Truly a hidden treasure. Beautifully blended, excellent neutral color story and as a pair down my neutral collection this one will be a keeper.

Juvia's Place The Zulu

My least favorite of the Juvia's Place palettes. I bought this is the minute it was released and I may have received a dud palette. Nevertheless keeping it because I love the brand!

Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes

Didn't enjoy using this palette. Definitely on the chopping block, so to speak. I am going to use it with my Too Faced Sweet Peach Dupe to see if I can make it work.

Tarte Style by Hrush

I love Tarte but I keep forgetting that Tarte is not going to offer a "wham bam, thank you ma'am" color payoff. This is for a softer sultry look.

Milani Gilded Desires

NOT as excited as others about this palette. Didn't enjoy the glitter/foil overspray and hand to apply with my finger

Natasha Denona Palette 5 # 7

Excellent monochronmatic palette. One of my favorite ND 5 pan palettes.

Model's Own Sculpt and Glow in Medium Tan

I don't think this brand exist anymore, but this face palette trio is perfect for my skin. I have used it several times and I really enjoy it!

Wet n Wild Blush in Blazen Berry

Honestly, I am kinda disappointed with this blush. The shade is absolutely stunning! Just beautiful, however, there is an unnecessary overspray and you have to really build up the pigment. I have never had that experience in a Wet n Wild blush.

Nickak Highlighter 

I seriously paid $2.99 for this highlighter and it's stunning and lasts throughout the day and in fact, I went back to and purchase two other colors!

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