Sunday, May 19, 2019


I convinced myself that I had to make my way towards minimalism and began to panic about the size of my collection, in particular, my eyeshadow collection.  I ended last year with over 800 eyeshadow palettes and at first had no issue with the size of my collection.  The beauty community began to surge in drastic numbers with both influencers and consumers wanting to severely reduce their purchases of beauty products. I think the part that I missed was not the reduction in purchases, but the overall way I view my finances in general. I will say it till the day I die that I do not subscribe to a minimalist lifestyle. I take no issue with others that do, but that's not something that interests me in the slightest. What I am interested in is being a better steward of the money I earn and making better financial decisions for the present and future. I went several weeks with extreme restrictions on my spending but when I received my tax refund, I seemed to have lost focus on the reduced spending. Giving myself extreme restrictions is not the answer to redirecting my purchasing habits, but perhaps making realistic goals which cater to my needs and what I want to accomplish is a more sensible approach. So, I have decided to set myself up for success by implementing the following guidelines:
  1.       The maximum amount to be spent on beauty related purchases is $150 a month.
  2.     Maximum of one subscription service per month.
  3.     Purchases of face palettes are allowed but for every product purchased, 2 must rotate out of my collection. 
  4.     Purchase of blush, bronzer, and highlighters are allowed, but only high-end brands with the exception of Milani, Makeup Revolution, Maybelline. For every item purchased 2 must rotate out of the collection.
  5.     Continue to support Indie brands.
  6.     Continue seasonal decluttering.
  7.     No new lipsticks or lip glosses.
  8.     No new face powders unless repurchasing top 5 powders.
  9.     No new eyeliners, mascaras, liquid eyeshadows unless repurchasing an item that is in the top 5 of said category.
  10.     Continue to rotate through eyeshadows every two weeks and declutter palettes that were not used or I do not want.
  11.     My collection is my business and as long as my products have a function, do not worry about other’s and their thoughts about my collection.

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