Monday, June 3, 2019


How often did I reach for this/these palette(s)? Why or Why not?

I selected 6 palettes for the month of April and quickly found that one had to go immediately. After using the MAC X 15 Warm Neutral Palette, I quickly put it up for sale. I didn't enjoy the palette at all. Poor pigmentation, almost sheer shimmers, and a complete waste of money. The other five palettes were used equally and found them to create quite beautiful looks.

Did I enjoy using this/these palette(s)? Why or Why not?

My favorite looks in the Month of April came from all the palettes! With each individual palette, I create beautiful looks that were mostly subtle but very sultry and sophisticated. I am very pleased that I selected these particular palettes. 

Did I rediscover a fondness for this/these palette(s) or did I discover that I was fonder of this/these palette(s) than I realize?

I really enjoyed and rediscovered my love for the Winky Lux eyeshadow palette formula. The color combination is beautifully arranged and you are able to create a myriad of eye looks that are quite stunning for both day and night. The Gorgeous Cosmetics Palettes created amazing looks that were perfect for work and good even be glammed up for a night out. The shadows are smooth and rich in color and pigmented and applied well on the eyes.

If I lost this/these palette(s), would I repurchase?

I would repurchase all of the palettes with the exception of the MAC Neutral Warm. 

With this experience and knowledge regarding use of this/these palette(s), what would I do differently (regarding this/these purchases, future purchases of similar products, trends?

I will not be purchasing any MAC eyeshadows moving forward. I was very disappointed with the performance. I would never purchase a MAC palette again.

Keep, Declutter, or Probation?

Declutter 1, Kept the rest!

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