Sunday, July 28, 2019


Product Rotation – Changes 

Every two weeks I will be basing the selection of my products, in particular, my eyeshadow palettes, on a theme. Below is a list of themes that will be thrown into a randomizer and every rotation the randomizer will select a theme. The highlighted themes are ones that have been used, and the one that is highlighted with a checkmark is the current week's theme. So, this week, the theme is 30 DAYS (APPROXIMATELY) OR 4 WEEKS OF PALETTES. STARTING JULY 28TH - AUGUST 30TH, I WILL BE USING A DIFFERENT PALETTE EVERY DAY. I WILL TRY TO FOCUS ON ITEMS I HAVEN'T USED, BUT I DEFINITELY WILL THROW IN A COUPLE OF MY FAVORITES. HERE'S THE FIRST WEEK'S PICKS. I JUST WENT THROUGH MY COLLECTION AND PICKED THEM AT RANDOM.

 Birthday Week Picks
Old School Palettes
Chopping Block
Bright & Bold
 Beach & Summer Palette Week
Juvia’s Place
 Neutral Week
Tarte & Becca & Fenty & Bare Minerals
 Purple & Pink Week
 Indie Brands (US)
 Indie Brands (Other)
 Affordable Week
 Luxury Week
 Large & In Charge Palettes
 Too Faced &Urban Decay
  Kat Von D & Jeffree Star
  Make Up For Ever & Urban Decay
 Huda, Marc
  Too Faced, Laura
 Lorac & ABH
 PUR & Smashbox
  Violet Voss & Morphe
 Eye & Face Palettes
 ND, Viseart, Auntie Pat
 Warm Toned & Cool Toned
 Fall Palettes
 Blue & Green Week
 B.O.M.B Palettes
 Christmas/Holiday Releases
Random Unused Palettes
SingleShadows Week

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