Tuesday, August 20, 2019



How often did I reach for this/these palette(s)? Why or Why not?

My issue with most of my palettes is that because of the sheer size of my overall collection, I don't get the opportunity to truly identify what are my favorite palettes, which palettes, are good, great, exceptional, & outstanding. I reached for all four palettes quite a decent amount of times, with all things considered. I think I reach for the palette above, The Transition Sunflower Palette, the most.

Did I enjoy using this/these palette(s)? Why or Why not?

I really did enjoy using all these palettes. I like doing this series because I always pick palettes that I haven't spent any time with. I get to discover "hidden gems" within my own palette collection and weed out those that don't serve a purpose.

Did I rediscover a fondness for this/these palette(s) or did I discover that I was fonder of this/these palette(s) than I realize?

I didn't realize what outstanding quality existed in the Sponjac eyeshadow palettes. I really enjoyed them the most and I was introduced to them through a former friend.

If I lost this/these palette(s), would I repurchase?

I would repurchase them all

With this experience and knowledge regarding the use of this/these palette(s), what would I do differently (regarding this/these purchases, future purchases of similar products, trends?

Just through this little series, I am discovering that I have a heavy leaning towards berry tones, and grungy tones eyeshadow palettes, which is not the aesthetic that envisioned for myself a couple of years ago.

Keep, Declutter, or Probation?

Keep All!

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