Tuesday, September 24, 2019



This is my second time purchasing Stalazzi's single shadows. A couple of years ago I purchased single shadows from the brand through Friends Beauty. The shadows were $3 each at that time and when I recently purchased the shadows an entire over two years later, the price remains the same, but it seems as though the shadows have changed? Stalaazi is attempting to break into the mainstream consumer bracket with a new eyeshadow palette and from the looks of it, they have reformulated their single eyeshadows. For the most part, Stalazzi's single shadows were viewed as more of a "Pro" item, something aspiring makeup artists could utilize in their kit that was both practical and affordable. The pan size of the single shadows is 36 mm and the finishes that I have experience are "pearl" and "matte" and most of my color selection fall into the berries, blues, and greens, which is my personal color comfort zone and aesthetic. 

When I previously own this brand's single shadows, I ordered very similar shadows and finishes, but I was not very impressed with the brand's shadows. I found the initial swatches very uncompelling and uninteresting, and upon using these shadows on my eyes, I was equally unexcited. The shadows took some building up, which I actually don't mind, but honestly, the building up of color was an endless and painful activity that ended in a light wash of color that was barely detectable on my eyelids. The "pearl/satin" finish was super sheer and just very unappealing. It reminded me of something I could get in a Coastal Scents Hot Pot Single Shadow. I ended up selling those shadows to a friend, but when Stalazzi debuted their new eyeshadow palette, I decided to ride the horse again and see if I could find a good pace or if I would get bucked.

When the shadows arrived, I could tell with a naked eye that the shadows were quite different. They were not as dense, but a tad more loosely assembled. The shadows themselves looked more vibrant and the initial swatches were a strong improvement over my previous experience. Take a look at the pictures below, as they are unfiltered and unaltered. The shadows look very rich in pigment and appear to be very "vibrant and lively". I will say that I have only swatched these shadows. I haven't had the opportunity to actually use them on my eyes, so I cannot attest to their strength, stay powering, blendability, etc. But I can tell you that these shadows are different than those I have experience from Stalazzi before, and I am quite hopeful and excited that these visible improvements will translate into some rather beautiful eye looks.

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