Tuesday, October 29, 2019



What made me choose this palette/product?

I enjoyed the monochromatic theme of both palettes and they were very affordable with high ratings.

Love at first sight or slowly grow into a relationship over time?

Absolutely Love at First Sight. I was very pleased with the vibrancy of the shades and eager to use them and create a beautiful look immediately.
What is your favorite thing about this product?

My favorite thing about this product is that it comes in several monochromatic themes that are easily accessible through Amazon. This palette also comes in green and orange as well.

Do you have other products like this one? How does this one compare to other(s) you may have in your collection?

I do have other monochromatic palettes such as these however, these have more shades, different textures and are affordable. Don't get me wrong, the other palettes I have that are similar to these are beautiful but these are particularly interesting in the variations of shades.
Has this product taken place or will take place of a current favorite?

No, I wouldn't say that necessarily. I just think it diversifies my collection more so.

What is particularly special about this product?

This palette is early accessible through many avenues one of which is Amazon, and it comes in several monochromatic themes.

Do you feel as though this product is color friendly, spanning different skin tones and textures?

Absolutely this palette has shades that will be fair in  representation of my fairer brothers and sisters as well as those with deeper skin tones.

Did you purchase this product at full price? If you got it on sale, would you repurchase at full price?

I initially purchased this palette from a seller off of Mercari and I got an excellent deal, having experienced the product now, I would pay beyond fill price!

Is this product still available and easily accessible or is it a limited edition product no longer available on primary markets?

It is available and accessable through several varying markets. Would you recommend this to a friend or someone who inquired or is this a product that is more specific to someone like yourself?

This product is more geared towards someone who is interested colorful eye looks with a monochromatic themes. This is not the everyday/average makeup wearer type of vibe

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