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Nine by Netflix
Monthly Updates
Creator: Elease (IG- @pan_de_replay)

I created this project because of my love for Netflix and all the shows they have created!
Pick nine Netflix original shows (shows created for and by Netflix) and connect them to 9 products in your collection you wish to make progress on or finish. Start Date is 9/9/19, end date is 1/9/20.

Some examples include:
Stranger Things
She’s Gotta Have It
Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
13 Reasons Why
Bird Box
The Umbrella Academy
The Haunting of Hill House
Orange is the New Black
Santa Clarita Diet
Here is a current list:

BoJack Horseman Secret (BoJack secret sister), Paw (Mr. Peanut Butter), Feline (Princess Carolyn), Far Right Cornet (Color of Horse)
Big Mouth Two Center Shades (Shame Wizard), Loveee (Puberty and self discovery), Pink Blush reminds me of Nicks lips
Disjointed Boss Lady (Kathy Bates)

In the Panning Zone (season 1)
Dates: October 2nd 2019-July 1st 2020
Monthly Updates


There is a prompt to pick a product to go with each episode. You start with first six and roll in new products as you finish them. Monthly updates.

1. Where Is Everybody?
a. A product that is all alone in your collection
i. A product that is the only type of its kind in your collection, the only product of a specific brand, etc…
Cover FX Loose Powder

2. One For the Angels
a. A product that gives you an angelic glow
Imitation Angel Perfume

3. Mr. Denton on Doomsday
a. A product that would last through doomsday
i. A super long wearing product, etc…
Milani Conceal & Perfect Foundation

4. The Sixteen Millimeter Shrine
a. A mini, sample, or deluxe sized product
Marc Jacobs Liner

5. Walking Distance
a. A product that reminds you of your hometown
Pretty Vulgar Gel Liner

6. Escape Clause
a. A product that seems to last forever
The Ordinary Facial Serum

7. The Lonely
a. A product you could never leave behind
i. (desert island/holy grail product)
8. Time Enough at Last
a. A step in your makeup/skincare/bodycare/haircare routine you wish you always had time to do or were better about doing
9. Perchance Dream
a. A product you use before bed or wish you used more often before bed
10. Judgement Night
a. A product you would repurchase over and over again
11. And When the Sky Was Opened
a. A product that seems to disappear
i. A product you go through quickly
12. What You Need
a. A product that is exactly what you need
i. An exact color match, a product you can always rely on, etc…
13. The Four of Us Are Dying
a. A product that is a jack of all trades
i. A multi-use product
14. Third from the Sun
a. A product that is secret in your collection
i. A product you don’t like to use on camera or post about
15. I Shot an Arrow into the Air
a. A product or brand you’ve turned on
i. A product or brand you no longer like or support
16. The Hitch-Hiker
a. A product you can’t seem to get away from
i. A product that has made it through multiple declutters
17. The Fever
a. A product you took a gamble on (whether it was a big win or a huge loss)
18. The Last Flight
a. A product or brand that was ahead of its time
19. The Purple Testament
a. A trend you predicted wouldn’t last
20. Elegy
a. A product from a brand that’s stuck in its ways
21. Mirror Image
a. A product that has replaced another in your collection
22. The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street
a. A product named after a tree, plant, flower
23. A World of Difference
a. A product that was an unexpected star in your collection
24. Long Live Walter Jameson
a. A product, product type, or trend that stuck around way too long
25. People Are Alike All Over
a. A dupe for a high-end product
26. Execution
a. A black product
27. The Big Tall Wish
a. A product that makes you feel young/antiaging
28. A Nice Place to Visit
a. A product you loved but now find boring
29. Nightmare as a Child
a. A product you’re afraid to pan
30. A Stop at a Willoughby
a. A product that makes you feel like yourself
31. The Chaser
a. A product from a brand you stalk on social media
32. A Passage for a Trumpet
a. A product that reminds you of jazz song or jazz singer
33. Mr. Bevis
a. A product you have shattered, broken, or is in rough shape
34. The After Hours
a. A product having to do with the number 9
i. $9, 9 pans, etc..
35. The Mighty Casey
a. A product made in the USA
36. A World of His Own
a. A liquid liner

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Bottom of Form
Around the World Project Pan (UPCOMING)

October 15, 2019 – April 15, 2020

Monthly Updates


This project is all about bringing all the people in this group even closer and be like one big family, as we already are. The idea is to pan the flag in the following countries. It can be either the color of the flag or made in label on the product (eg. Made in Italy or USA) You can choose makeup, skincare, haircare, bodycare ect.

USA: Red, White and Blue: Blue Color Made in USA,  Ulta Gel Liner in Blue

UK: Blue, White and Red: Made in UK, Meesha Lou Queen Bee Palette

Sweden: Blue and Yellow: Natasha Denona Sunset Palette (Yellow) & L’Oreal Infalliable Cream

Denmark: Red and White: Natasha Denona Sunset Palette (Red) &
Iridescent white shade from Inglot

Italy: Green, White and Red: Made in Italy,  Natasha Denona Palette 5 #9

Germany: Black, Red and Yellow

Greece: Blue and White

Thailand: Red, Blue and White

Spain: Red and Yellow

Japan: White and Red

Sri Lanka: Green, Orange and Brown

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