Wednesday, December 4, 2019


Rotation Schedule For Palettes: Must Choose 6-10 Palettes Total
Week One: Favorites Drawer
Week Two: Theme Related Week
Week Three: Options Week - Specific Section of Palette Collection i.e. Affordable, Custom, Luxury, High End, Small High End, Large, Or All Indie Palettes, Or Favorites Drawer, Or All New Releases NO THEME RELATED PALETTES IN WEEK 3
Week Four: Theme Related Week/2nd Chance Last Chance 

Week Five: Dealer’s Choice (Solo Week)

Each Week I Must Choose 1-3 Palette That is in The “2nd Chance/Last Chance” Bucket and Make a Decision
Once a theme has been chosen from the randomizer, I cannot spin again. Whatever is chosen by the wheel is the theme of the week. Period. Once a theme is used, it is removed by the randomizer, and cannot be used again until all themes have been used, regardless of how long it takes to accomplish this. If a theme does not have enough palettes to satisfy the requirement of (6) palettes, the remaining palettes may be drawn from the favorites drawer.

Project Pan Items: Regardless of the theme or week, project panning items are always available for use. They do not count as items required for the themes or weeks.

Rotation Schedule For Face Palettes, Blushes, Bronzers, Highlighters
Week One: Contour or Blush or Highlighter Palette, 4 Individual Face Products 
Week Two: Multi Face Palette & Blush Palette or Highlighter Palette or Contour Palette

Week Three: Multi Face Palette & 2 Individual Face Products
Week Four: All Face Palettes (My Choice) or All Individual Face Products (My Choice)
Cannot re-choose products already chosen until all products in that particular category have been used

Theme List Part I

1. Neutral Palettes
2. Fall Related Palettes
3. Spring Related/Pastels
4. Christmas Related Palettes
5. Randomizer Theme
6. Viseart & Marc Jacobs
7. Small High End Indie Brands
8. Large High End Indie Brands
9. International Indie Brands
10. Old School/Throwback Palettes
11. Collaboration Palettes
12. Budget Friendly Palettes
13. Natasha Denona
14. Huda Beauty Small Palettes
15. Huda Beauty Big Palettes 
16. Anastasia Beverly Hills Palettes
17. 1 Large Too Faced Palette, 1-2 Small Too Faced Palettes, 2-4 Regular size
18. 3 Kat Von D Palettes & 3 Jeffree Star Palettes
19. Mavie Cosmetics Palettes
20. Buxom Cosmetics Palettes
21. Large Budget Friendly Palettes
22. Colourpop Singles plus Looxi
23. 1 Large Tarte, 2 Small Tarte, 2 Regular Size
24. 2 Lorac Mega Pro Palettes & 2 Vice Palettes
25. Lime Crime Cosmetics Palettes

Theme List Part II

26. 2 Naked Palettes, Devinah Cosmetics Singles
27. Pat McGrath Palettes
28. Marc Jacobs & Chantecaille Palettes
29. High End Indie (US)
30. Unused Palettes (Any Category)
31. Single Shadow/Custom Palettes (Any)
32. Single Shadow/Potted Shadows plus 2 Matte Palettes
33. Bobbi Brown & Laura Mercier
34. Small High End Palettes (Non-Indie)
35. High End Palettes (Non-Indie)
36. Sydney Grace Singles & Palettes
37. Colourpop Single Shadows & Bellfiore
38. JD Glow Cosmetics Single Shadows & 2 Matte Palettes
39. Menagerie Cosmetics Single Shadows & 2 Matte Palettes
40. Blush Tribe & Juvia’s Place Palettes
41. 2 Certifeye & 2 Kaleidos Cosmetics & 2 Matte Palettes
42. Single Shadows/Custom Palettes 2.0
43. Lunar Beauty & Dominique Cosmetics
44. Colourpop Palettes 
45. Luxury Palette 1.0
46. Urban Decay Cosmetics Palettes
47. Budget Friendly & Single Custom
48. Bright Color Palette
49. Pink & Purple
50. Blue & Green
51. Smokey Eye Palette
52. 3 All Shimmer Palettes & 3 All Matte

Next Year's Purchasing Outline & Streamlining Thoughts 
Guidelines & Goals #progressnotperfection

1. Restricted Mainstream No Buy: Purchasing of Mainstream Cosmetics Products are restricted to Skin Care and repurchasing of items that are top tier necessities, i.e. Face Powders, Primers, Foundations etc. Top Tier Items in Each Category will be posted and made clear by January 1, 2020
2. 6 Purchases in a 6 month period from January 1, 2020 – June 30, 2020 of any restricted Mainstream item is allowed from any category
3. Items that are Mainstream that are not restricted are any ABH, NATASHA DENONA, OR VISEART EYESHADOW PALETTES, BECCA, BENEFIT or ABH Face Palettes, MAC Blushes & Highlights, or Laura Geller Blushes or Highlighters. These items may be purchased at any time without regard for the Mainstream Restriction.
4. Continued Expansion of Indie Brands and Single Shadows will remain consistent.
5. Foundation collection will hopefully get down to 10 - 15 Current (45)
6. Face Powders will hopefully get down to 10 excluding Loose Powders. Current Total (35) Loose Powders (11) Bring down to 6
7. Blush Singles will be cut in ½ Current (61)
8. Highlights will be cut in 1/4 (not including MAC 25 total) Total Overall 106
9. Given that I am an eyeshadow connoisseur and my current collection exceeds 800, I think a practical number to shoot for is 550.
10. Continue to utilize 2nd Chance/Last Chance Bucket to eradicate Palettes that don't serve a purpose.
11. Strive to cut Small High End, High End, and Affordable Palette Categories in 1/2
12. Strive to cut Large Palettes by 1/3
13. Strive to cut Colourpop Collection by 1/3 including single shadow
14. Colourpop Super Shock Individuals Choose 10
15. No Purchasing of Drugstore Eyeshadows Singles, Eyeshadow Palettes, Highlighters, Blushes, or Face Palettes
16. Last Sunday of the Month: Declutter (PERMANENTLY) items out of my collection for donation or selling.
17. Once an item is “Declutter” it is permanently removed. If unsure about whether or not I want to declutter an item then it should be placed in the “2nd Chance/Last Chance” bucket!







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