Thursday, January 16, 2020


I don’t do disclaimers, because I don’t have to explain myself to anyone, however, if you decide to watch any of my videos please keep in mind, I am 100% authentic and what you see on the screen is exactly who I am. Secondly, YouTube is a fkn HOBBY, so I treat it as such and lastly, try to smile, it’s not so damn bad. Thanks for checking me out today! I welcome all reasonable and respectful comments and I try my best to answer any questions. If you would like a look at my collection, including detail videos of my almost 800 palettes click here for that playlist: If you are interested in any of my TAG TIME videos click here: If you’re interested in any of my GRWM videos, please click here: If you’re interested in any of my features or series, including my Review & Rate & Weekly Product Picks, then please click here: THE MAKEUP MESS TAG Spooky Lips And Fat Hips SPOOKY LIPS Tag Questions: 1) How often do you wash your makeup brushes/sponges? 2) How do you organize your makeup collection? 3) Do you put your makeup products away after you are done using them, or leave them out for tomorrow? 4) Loose or pressed powders? 5) Do you ever fall asleep without taking your makeup off? 6) What makeup “rules” do you like to break? 7) Will you use a product even if it is cracked or broken? 8) Do you wait to pan a product completely before you replace it? 9) How do you feel about sharing makeup? 10) How do you feel about buying or trading used makeup? 11) How often do you declutter makeup? 12) Do you use your fingers to apply makeup? 13) What products, if any, do you hoard in your purse/bag/backpack etc? 14) What is your least favorite step in your makeup routine? 15) What is your worst makeup memory?   BOUGIE BRIE'S YOU TUBERS TO WATCH CONTACT BOUGIE BRIE BOUGIE BRIE'S OTHER LINKS BOUGIE BRIE'S LIFESTYLE BOUGIE BRIE'S YOUTUBE VIDS BOUGIE BRIE'S YOUTUBER OF THE WEEK BOUGIE BRIE'S HAULS BOUGIE BRIE'S REVIEW & RATE BOUGIE BRIE'S BEAUTY BLOG PRODUCT REVIEWS BOUGIE BRIE'S BEAUTY BLOG FEATURES BOUGIE BRIE'S FACEBOOK PAGE BOUGIE BRIE'S IG BOUGIE BRIE'S POSHMARK BOUGIE BRIE'S MERCARI BOUGIE BRIE'S BEAUTY BLOG LINK TO COMPREHESIVE MAKE UP INVENTORY (BLANK)

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