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Rating is out 10 out of 10, with a full point given for each of the ten sections listed above. Points per section may be issued in the following denominations: 0,.0 .25, .50, 1.0. For further clarification, the sections listed are worth a total of 1.0 point and are:

Company Profile & Personality: (available information about the company, cruelty-free status information, philanthropic efforts, unnecessary controversy, indie company vs mainstream)

Price: (product cost, availability of product, shipping cost, available coupons)
Purchase Process: (order time vs receipt of product turn around, availability of product, email notifications including shipping & tracking number, email notification for delivery)

Packaging: (was the item securely package, decorative packaging efforts including information card about the product, upcoming sales, or the company itself)

Pigmentation: (via swatches)

Color Payoff: (via application to the area applicable)

Product Application: (ease of application of the product, for example for eyeshadow, is there fall out, creasing, etc.
Performance: (longevity of wear)

Product Value: (price to product amount ratio, i.e. price per gram + product quality + consumer response (popularity of the product and consumer response) + repurchase option)

Overall Product Presentation: shade variation (if eyeshadow), women of color friendly, pale people friendly, universally applicable to many skin tones, desire for repeated use, would you repurchase the item again, is this product associated with a particular trend or is does it market the companies individuality, does the product set a new & innovative trend, is the product effective (does it do what it’s designed to do), does the product have potential multiple application opportunities (i.e. can the product be used as a blush & lipstick), is the product limited edition or a permanent product, is the product part of a collection, is the product consistent (from shade to shade, if an eyeshadow palette) from color to color in a part of a collection and does it function and operate the same each time applied. 

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Price & Purchase Process & Packaging:

I purchased this powder on a whim during a Sephora VIB sale.  Even though I didn’t have great success with the Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation, I thought perhaps this was the key to making that foundation work for me. The item is housed in an octagonal shaped component with a mirrored lid. It contains 0.98 oz and comes in 8 different shades that seemingly matches a wide array of skin tones. The beauty community is seeing that this brand is making a full attempt at inclusivity which is something that brands should have addressed years ago, but is now being pioneered by a celebrity-owned minority brand!!! At $32 with a 4.7 rating on the Fenty Beauty website, the Pro Filt'r Setting Powder is widely accepted as a "hit" for many beauty lovers from skin tones the range for light to deeper tones. 

As with many, if not all of the brand's products, the packaging is both innovative and attractive without being obnoxious or intrusive & overbearing to the consumer. Unlike many celebrity-owned brands, Fenty is soaring to the top of the beauty industry, gaining significant respect and notoriety for their consistency, passion, and knowledge of the needs of the consumer producing products that are accepted as unique to an oversaturated market giving the brand an edge over other well-established brands like Urban Decay, Too Faced, KVD, who lack the innovation Fenty Beauty is bringing to the table.

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Pigmentation & Color Payoff & Performance:

I own and have tested a significant amount of setting powders and loose powders and the way I can tell if I truly enjoy the performance of a face powder is if I buy a "back up" of the product and/or purchase additional products during events like the Sephora VIB Sale. For instance, this most recent April Sephora VIB sale, since I am "Rouge" status, I picked up a full size and travel size version of this loose setting powder in the shade Cashew because it has become a true staple in my foundation & powder routine. First, the shade is absolutely perfect for my skin, which is quite amazing considering there are only eight shades. I have spoken about on my a YouTube channel and written about on this website my great difficulty in finding suitable shades in foundations and powder because of my undertone, however, the shade Cashew is nearly perfect for me. The powder creates a true "blurring" effect on the leaving your foundation set with confidence and the texture smooth. It provides a demi-matte finish and literally absorbs oil throughout the day for up to 12 hours. While every person's skin is different, I can say with confidence that most individuals will have a very positive experience with this setting powder. It is ranked among my top five powders in the number one spot and additionally, I'd like to mention that it "plays well" with other foundations, which is incredibly important for those of us with extensive makeup collections. It works well with other foundations, concealers,  and other powders from a variety of brands. 

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Overall Product Presentation:

It is by far my favorite setting powder in my collection and is utilized on a daily basis in my every makeup drawer. Although I'm not a complete fan of the brand's foundation, or of their eyeshadow palettes, their lip products and this setting powder are absolutely remarkable. I believe that it is more than worth its price due to its beautiful packaging and aesthetic, the comprehensive shade range,  the performance of the product, and the consistency of the product over time. 


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