Saturday, April 4, 2020





MAC X THE SIMPSONS - keeping this blush specifically because of sentiment attached. Not really my color, but excellent formula.

JOUER BLUSH PALETTE - beautiful blush palette from Jouer. A myriad of various shade perfect for many varying skin tones. Definitely keeping.

MAC X TROLLS HIGHLIGHTER - not MAC's infamous highlighter formulation, but nonetheless an excellent highlighter. Not blinding by far, but no necessarily subtle. Perfect for the workplace, church, or any event or situation where you want an illumination to your cheekbones, but not anything too intense. Keeping this one!

INGLOT BRONZER - on first appearance this bronzer seems too dark and a little on the orange side, however, if you apply this with a gentle and light hand, using a stipple brush, you will pleasantly surprised at the results. This is something I would use in warmer months. Keeping this one too!

SOUND COSMETICS DELIGHT PALETTE - One of my new favorite Indie Brands that I consider an undiscovered hidden gem. Everything I have purchased from this brand has been next-level quality, pigmentation, as well as outstanding personal customer service. The prices are more than fair and the brand has sales and discounts often. So happy I found this brand. You can check them out HERE

SOUND COSMETICS MIDNIGHT GLAM - at first I thought that this palette was a little boring and too neutral for me, however, I was completely mistaken. As always, the quality is outstanding. Easy to apply, maneuver, and blend, but the looks you are able to create are so different. From a conventional neutral office/workplace look, to a more sultry look, to a completely gorgeous glam date night look - this palette can do it all. Check out the look below! Love this one and definitely keeping it.

VELVET 59 BLOOM BABY - I have tried 2 palettes from this brand last year and I was very disappointed, however, when I acquired this palette and had the opportunity to use it there was a very noticeable difference in formulation among the brand's palettes. The mattes are similar, but the major difference is the shimmer/metallic formula. In the prior palettes, I tried the "shimmer" shades were more in line with satin-type formulas, however, this palette has more of a metallic-like formula that looks wet on the lid. Just outstanding! Keeping this one!

URBAN DECAY DISTORTION PALETTE - If I remember correctly this is a palette from a holiday collection a couple of years back. I purchased the palette and didn't use it, then I sold it. Then I repurchased it, LOL. It is a very shimmer heavy palette and some might feel as though an accompanying matte palette is necessary. Regardless, the transformative shades are what makes this palette such a killer ethereal type palette. If you are looking for a holographic or something that has a transformative lean to it, this is the way to go. Keeping this one!
BUXOM NEUTRAL INSTINCTS AND BUXOM 3 CUSTOM PALETTES -   Let me just make this easy for you....if you haven't tried Buxom shadows, especially the palettes you can customize, then you need to. Keeping all of these!

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