Thursday, July 9, 2020


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 One thing I like about this brand is that there is such a wide variety of shades from the very light to the deepest and most pigmented shades. Also, most of the shades are offered in several different sizes, from 26 mm on up! Shadow prices start at $5 for a 26 mm to $8 for a 26 mm depending on the finish of the shadow. The shadows come in matte, shimmer, electadescent neon, and duo-chrome finishes; The palette that I created has a mix of matte, shimmer, and duo-chrome. If you have ever visited my YouTube channel (Click HERE!) you know that I am a big fan of blue & green, as well as pink & purple. This particular palette is a pink & purple-themed palette. To customized this palette was quite affordable considering the remarkable quality of the shades.

Company Profile

The company is owned by Ms. DeAndra and is located in Salem, Oregon. The brand's owner encourages its customer to contact the company regarding general; inquiries, order inquires, and wholesale inquiries, You can reach out to the company through email (Click HERE!) or you can reach them directly via phone at 503-877-9456 during business hours (9:00 am - 6:00 pm PST).

Purchase Process 

The only issue that I personally had with the purchase process had absolutely nothing to do with the brand itself, but because the selection is so varied and there is such a fantastic and well-rounded shadow range I had difficultly narrowing my choices down to a 9 pam customized, a rated palette of pink & purple shadows. There was so much to choose from that it made it a tad bit hard to narrow down the palette to shades that created a unique, personalized compilation of shades that articulated my own personal style. I think that's actually a good issue to encounter.


Each shadow is packaged in minimalistic individualized simple sleeves which are comprised of a combination of plastic & cardboard. They are packaged together tightly is a shipping box that is appropriate and adequate to the space necessary to secure all the shadows.


The smart and more profitable move for most indie besuty brands is to utilize small to mid size youtuber to aid in capturing customers that are looking for high quality products that address unique and reasonably priced. Devinah uses this type of smart and strategic marketing in such a manner as competition head begin to rise among even smaller indie brands

Comparable Brands 

A brand that comes top mind that is similar to Devinah is Sydney Grace, both offering high quality products at competitive prices that are unique and create trends instead of following them. 


This is not my first experience with Devinah Cosmetics and their beautiful and varied selection of shadows. Devinah offers a wide and remarkable grouping of shades that effectively ranges in each shade. I, myself pur together a small curated palette of my favorite 2 shades, purple and pink. These swatches below can attest to the outstanding pigmentation these shapes provide. 

Color Payoff 

There is a distinct difference between pigmentation and color payoff. The payoff is more about how the population transfers top the eye and how it blends out. Does it skip? Is our too difficult top blend? Does it play well with other shadows? In terms of these questions regarding these shadows is that the shades I picked, which tend to be problematic along the color spectrum.  Is that they blend amazingly well and maintain the integrity of the pigment when translated to the eye. 


As always, Devinah delivers excellent quality with a wide selection of shades that are available to create monochromatic curated  palettes similar to the one I created above. Definitely a beauty brand to support in the burgeonin

Overall Product Presentation

 A fantastic brand owned by a very innovative and trend setting female who who is bravely moves head  first into the ever evolving competitive  Indie Cosmetics market. Well done Devinah!

Devinah Single Shadows Custom Purple & Pink Palette