Thursday, July 2, 2020


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4/100 Sale Promotion

Company Profile

Afrocentric, female-owned company bravely entering the world of beauty and aesthetics. Their mission statement articulates their interests and desires in the beauty community: 

Every eyeshadow palette is carefully created to make you look and feel like the very best version of yourself. We know that when your outer and inner beauty aligns, magic happens.

We’ve put a lot of hard working to make sure the quality is amazing; the colors are super pigmented and vibrant.

When a gurl meets make up, her passion and creativity fly high; she creates art.

When a gurl meets make up, magic happens”

Purchase Experience

My purchase experience was actually quite appealing. At the height of the COVID pandemic, this brand responded to the increase of online orders with stunning customer service and incredibly fast shipping!


The packaging of the palette is so damn cute. Dear God, just the most unique, yet realistic image of an African American female realized in the most adorably cute cartoon. From her full natural air, to her sexy curvy hips. the character is the epitome of the African American female in a fun and unique way.


As with most Indie brands, the company relies heavily on social media marketing, however, this company does something completely unique and very, very smart. They offer a discount for anyone who posts a relevant review using their own social media platforms (like what I am doing here) and if you're interested use code BougieBrie25 for 25 % off. I don't make anything off of your purchase. Just doing you a solid/

Comparable Brands

I don’t like to really compare Indie brands against one another, especially Indie brands in which women of color and their brands as sort of pitted against each other. Truth be told none of the Afro American brands are the same  from Coloured Raine, to Juvia’s Place, to Ace Beaute, each brand has their own specific aesthetic that is unique to the mission and vision of their brand. I will say with confidence that this brand can go toe to toe with the aforementioned brand, which as an Afro American makes me happy to see so many sister succeeding in the rough terrain of the beauty market.


I did an eye look with each palette and was more than pleased regarding each experience I had with each eyeshadow palette. The shadows blended magnificently and the shimmer/metallic shades were remarkable. I was very impressed. The actual color story of each eyeshadow palette was amazing and so detailed in which you could make several looks out of a palette where it may seem the colors may not necessarily go together. But if you took your time and use your vision and sense of style you could make a variety of looks subtle 

Color Payoff

The color payoff is quite remarkable and deep in pigment and I will additionally say that the shadows blend very well. Because the shadows are so rich in pigment they do take a tad bit of more blending, but all that is required is a minute knowledge of proper blending techniques or a phone or computer that can access youtube searching for a video on blending and you will be MORE than equipped.


I always have high hopes for any minority-owned business (women, Afro American, Latin American, Asian American, GLBTQ Americans etc) especially independent brands. It's difficult enough to enter into the world of cosmetics and aesthetics with the pressure of larger brands looming over you waiting for you to fail, you take that type of pressure and you add the minority factor, it's even more intimidating and the proprietors of these companies even braver.

Regarding the performance of each palette, I personally enjoyed The Fall Leaves & The Cosmos Palette the most. Not necessarily because they blended better or their shimmers were more foiled, I just enjoyed the unique combination of shades.\There is not one palette that I turned my nose up at even a little bit. Each palette had a variety of looks you could put together that would be appropriate for work, play, and an evening out.

Overall Product Presentation

I love to see indie brands hit the market with innovative and unique marketing and branding that encapsulates their personal touch while reaching their desired demographic with likable and approachable tactics. I was impressed with most everything about this brand. From their cute cartoon, who mimics the characteristics of an Afro American woman, to their user-friendly website, to their approach with followup marketing, and lastly but most importantly their products which are far above the mediocre palettes of most mainstream brands outperforming them on every level.




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