Monday, September 27, 2021




This is an oldie but a goodie. When I first purchased this foundation several years ago I didn't realize that it was supposed to be a "luminous" foundation. Being that my skin was combination leaning oily. I was very skeptical of the foundation and could not figure out why I purchased this particular foundation (Youube made me do it). I was super surprised that the foundation did not necessarily make me "glowy and or "wet" looking, but instead, it made my skin look "healthy and natural". I was so impressed that I recently repurchased it and that's why it's in the top picks!


Some of you may or may not know that I dye my hair a sort of purple/bluish color, because my real hair is completely gray, almost white. I started graying at 26 years old and when I turned 40 and began my mid-life crisis. I decided to dye my hair purple initially. This product is amazing! First of all, it is extremely affordable, around the $7- $9 dollar mark. Secondly, it comes in a variety of colors. From pink to purple to blue to green! Just a fantastic array of colors. Lastly, the dye is thick. easy to apply. and lasts quite a long time. A word to the consumer, be careful when applying and washing out because it will stain. Wear gloves!


During my move, I picked a handful of palettes to use because I was packing all my makeup. Amongst the pile of palettes was this one. I wanted to spend more time with it was a cool toned based palettes and I happen to prefer cool toned based palettes over waste toned. For some reason I believe that cook toned shadows look better against my skin and I love a good Smokey moment! I will readily admit that the Natasha DENONA formula has changed and I believes that is to structural changes within management, however the Natasha Denona name captivates many who have a fierce allegiance to the brand and it’s products. Beautiful palette. Good quality. Stunning looks. 


I am a big fan of the Beauty Bay formula, as well as their varying color stories. This is a perfect Summer to early Fall palette. It is beautifully created with pigmented and unique colors. The matte formula is smooth like butter and the metallic formula is wet and reflective. The color selection is beyond outstanding, allowing the user to create a multitude of looks which can be used on most skin tones. Most often, the position on the Beauty Bay formula is polarizing. Either you love or it’s not fir you. I personally don’t see how anyone can make a case for the later. 


Another oldie but goodie. Along with my Ulta brand Gel Eyeliner, this is a go to. This is definitely one that I cannot do without. I won’t buy any other black eyeliner unless it’s the Ulta Gel Eyeliner or the even longer standing Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil in Black. It does exactly what the name suggests. It glides on both upper and lower lash lines (as well as tight lining) without any noticeable effort. I like to line my lower lash line quite closely and this cause minimal to no smudging or running. An excellent product!


I wasn’t sure how I felt about this foundation in the beginning. My experience with serums are that they make me look oily, however I was pleasantly surprised with consistency and wearability of this foundation. It reminds me of the Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation. It’s light, airy, with medium coverage, allowing the skin to breathe and your natural radiance come thru without making your face look like an oil slick. I also purchased the translucent powder by the brand which was also a win in my book. 


If you’re new to my blog and/or YouTube channel (CLICK HERE) then let me explain to you that purple, followed by pink, blue and green (coming in last place is mustard) is my favorite color. I’m not sure not sure how it became my favorite color, but here we are, aren’t we? I’m in love with this palette not simply because of the purple thematic element but the depth of the purples, the infusion of pinks and lilacs as transition colors as well as the ability to go towards a deeper purplish glam look or rather something more fun, spring time and playful with your lighter pinks and purples. Well rounded palette, excellent price, and definitely perfect for us purple people!


This is definitely one of my favorite affordable palettes of the year. This particular formula from LA Girl is outstanding and I would dare to say that the formula blows some mainstream formulas completely out of the water. Arguably better formulas recently put forth by Too Faced, Urban Decay and the usual suspects. I’m that confident in the 16 pan palettes that I would say skip out on the latest from the lame stream brands and give these 16 pan palettes a go. From the color selection, to matte/shimmer/foil ration, sheer blend ability, as well as the ability to play well with shades from other palettes (I often use this with my Coloured Raine Vivid Pigments) and I have yet to be disappointed! Excellent formula with a beautiful color story. 


Look who’s making another appearance on my illustrious list. I don’t care what anyone says, but the Beauty Bay Brand is knocking it outside of the park, and is a far cry from a one hit wonder. I have not yet been disappointed with one single Beauty Bay Palette.Although I may not are for every single color story, theBeauty Bay formula stands above its competitors by quality AND price!!! I am not a warm-toned type of gal, but when I’m looking for a beautifully constructed warm toned look I reach for one of four palettes: ND Sunset, ND Sunrise, Beauty Bay 16 Pan Fiery and lastly, this beauty, the Beauty Bay 42 Pan Fiery 2.0.  It is a stunning upgrade to the original 42 Pan Fiery, with the addition of more “fiery” and “deeper”reddish tones as well as additional yello tones, while adding tones which can easily create the most beautiful, sexy, captivating smokey eyes.



My introduction to this brand was thru Beauty Bay (of course) when MMMitchell secured a lucrative collaboration with this online brand. Although the component feature of that palette was clunky and unappealing, the shadows with this palette were simply outstanding. A truly difficult act to follow, but somehow Made by MMMitchell produced not one, but two phenomenal follow up palettes. Head-in the Clouds is more of a fun and festive palette with a variety of options,including neutral tones, pinks & purples, which always pair well together, followed by your very necessary blues & greens. Feet on the Ground, is definitely a more earthy toned palette with a very distinctive pukish green shade, mustards, and a stunning teal. Two beautiful palettes, both well made, and well loved by myself. 

Tuesday, September 21, 2021




Company Profile

Urban Decay is one of America’s mainstream cosmetic brands that is own by the mega conglomerate, L'Or√©al. It is headquartered in Newport Beach, California  it was founded by Pat Holmes, Sandy Lerner, Wende Zomnir and David Soward. Although the brand features a variety of eye; cheek; complexion and body products, the brand gained notoriety thru it’s series of Naked Eyeshadow Palettes. The brand is cruelty free and focuses it’s marketing strategies towards women.

Price/Purchase Process/Marketing

I purchased this product from Ulta during a shopping spree (something I lovingly refer to as a “Me Spree”). The purchased was not planned but more impulsive following a recently viewed content creator on YouTube who swore by the products promising quality. I purchased the product at full price (Retail MSRP $49), but used Ulta points to bring down the total to around $22. I honestly didn’t and still don’t understand the marketing strategy of this palette at all. As I didn’t understand the marketing strategy behind the Naked Ultraviolet (which was a extremely behind in grand and wasn’t as violet as most anticipated). This particular launch had no reference point, no trend to set or follow and was poorly executed. What was it supposed to be about? What was the correlation to the current cosmetics market? And honestly, who asked for this launch, because I’m pretty damn certain that I didn’t. 


I will say that the packaging is dope. I do like the exterior I like the component, which is reminiscent of the Naked Smokey, which was durable, well made and easy to store. I love the exterior packaging with the snakeskin-like appearance , which ties into the “Wild West” theme  the colors chosen for the outer packaging are also well chosen  the snakeskin, the dessert like colors, coupled with the brown base background are all very well done, but again, who the hell asked for this theme and what the hell does it have with  with the Naked Series

Comparable Brands

Of course, Urban Decay is comparable to other mainstream beauty brands. That's the problem. The increase in the market has been surged by the tidal wave of the independent brand. Indie brand's are hitting the beauty industry hard with creative innovative marketing, superior quality, and either lower or brand prices. The mainstream is taking a backseat to the stampede of the indie market and being trampled beneath it's feet. Unfortunately, Urban Decay is amongst those underneath that stampede. 

Pigmentation/Color Payoff/Performance

This was an OK palette. Typical Urban Decay "Naked" formula. Nothing particularly exciting or extraordinary about the formula. This might be a good palette for an unseasoned eyeshadow consumer of someone who's looking for a softer looking with a minimally specific payoff. The color scheme is on the better end of the UD Naked saga. It is more creative the the previous Naked palettes, but essentially it's basically a neutral palette with a pop of blue. 

Overall Product Presentation

Personally, for me, this was a complete waste of time and money and although this review is late in terms release, I still think it's worth talking about the subpar quality of this palette and help 


Tuesday, September 14, 2021



                                                         MINI REVIEW


Company Profile

This company has a very interesting and compelling origin story, born in the vision of a beautifully talented and determined female African immigrant. Dede's vision was to create makeup designed to compliment the skin of darker-skinned people in a market which caters to lighter-skinned people who control that very market. This might be controversial to say, but controversy never bothered me, it tends to bother other people more than myself. That doesn't matter, but this does.. . The makeup industry, that market, every market nationwide caters to the advantaged, to the privileged, to assumed leaders, creators, and providers of modern consumption. It caters to Caucasian Heteronormative individuals. You can say what you want about diversity. Say what you want about inclusivity, which let's be real . . . any decent diversity evolution has been fueled by a blossoming and ever-emerging indie market compromise of minority business owners. Yep, that's a fact, and if you don't believe me, go ahead and do a little research and check the facts, and then talk to me because you illustrate anything short of the truth it will fall on deaf ears quickly. Dede is a registered nurse, MUA, wife, and a part of this budging market, proudly walking the road to true inclusivity, offering simple but unique products to people of color.

Price/Purchase Process/Marketing

Dede won me over by a very simple but sadly overlooked method of customer service. . .true appreciation for the consumer. She had no idea that I was a low-level YouTuber, she had no idea that I did product reviews and for that matter, she didn't know my level of interest in makeup or eyeshadow palettes (Click HERE for my playlist of collection videos) or know the fact that I own between 800-900 palettes (yes, true story), she provided amazing and timely customer service. I accidentally ordered an eyeshadow that contained glitters, which I am not a fan of at all. I emailed the company and Dede emailed me back personally with kind words and understanding, replacing the incorrect palette, with a different one. She didn't even charge me the couple of dollars difference. Superb customer service in the least!


If you a packaging person, then you can appreciate this brand's attention to detail and thematic presentation. I, myself, am not a packaging kinda' gal, however, I can completely recognize something that is appealing and trendy. The packaging is very cute and although the component part of the package is awkwardly shape and a tad difficult to store, I think it's a small minus in the overall attractiveness of each of the individual palettes. Also, all the palettes that I purchased have a detachable mirror that you can hold while completing your look!

Comparable Brands

The beauty industry has witnessed a strong uprising and movement amongst Indie brands. Most of these brands are minority-owned, operated by females, members of the GLBTQ community, Latina and African Americans populations. A market that was at one point scarce with diversity is now dependant upon small business owners. Although the competition amongst indie brands is fierce, it is an opportunity for the consumer to try unconventional brands with awesome color stories, amazing pigmentation, and creative thematic packaging. There is something available to every curious consumer.

Pigmentation/Color Payoff/Performance

I have thoroughly tested all of the palettes from this brand, and I can confidently speak to the overall quality in terms of pigmentation, color payoff, and performance. Also, the most appealing makeup of the palette, outside of pigmentation is the incredible blendability of the shadows. Most pigmented eyeshadows have issues with the ability to blend individually and especially together with other shades in the palette. When this happens, the user  becomes resentful towards the product resulting in frustration and eventually the overall distaste for the product coupled with no desire to use the product at all. This issue can cause a consumer to develop a striking distance and question the credibility of the brand entirely. This would not b e the case with this incredible brand. 

Overall Product Presentation

I cannot say enough wonderful things about this brand and their very markable products which serves the indie community with customer service that far surpasses it's competitors as well products that bring innovation to the consumer.