Wednesday, March 30, 2022


This is a ranking list of the 13 Beauty Bay Palettes in my collection. Each palette is arranged according to my own personal tastes and preferences, including but not limited to, texture ration within each palette, color story, number of shades, etc. I will regardless of the rank of each palette, in general, Beauty Bay makes an outstanding eyeshadow formula and should be considered if you are looking for something different, affordable, and well-performing.


#1 Me, Myself & MMMitchell

This palette was not my first introduction to the Beauty Bay palette formula, it is however my first introduction to a collaboration the brand has with an influencer. I had never heard of Mitchell (since discovering Mitchell and his brand, I have purchased both the "Head in the Clouds" & the "Feet on the Ground" eyeshadow palettes from his brand), but due to my prior experience with the Beauty Bay eyeshadow formula, I decided to give a try.

This palette is absolutely outstanding, and although I do not believe you cannot purchase this from Beauty Bay (not sure, don't quote me), I am certain if you dig enough you might be able to find it on a secondary market. My fascination with with this palette is it’s obvious opposing sides, one laden with cool tone purples, greens  and blues, and the other side overflowing with warm pinks, oranges, reds, and yellows. The color story is not only unique and diverse, but the color combination and subsequent eye looks are numerous.  The formula is different from their initial launch of their own palettes, speaking of the 42 pan palettes I mention later in this ranking. After launching both this palette and the Nikkie Tutorial palette, the formula has improved, although the initial launch of palettes had a very good formula.

#2 Beauty Bay 16 Pan Nude Palette

This is by far, one of my top 3 neutral/nude palettes  I particularly like this palette because it really does exemplify a nude color story, leaning slightly warm and slightly cool with a very, very pigmented black. Mattes blend well and the shimmers are quite notable

#3 Beauty Bay Wilderness Palette

Good God, this palette is stunning. This is Beauty Bay representation of their new formula. This 20 pan palette has a type of diversity that is not only unique to the brand but unique compared to most brands. You have blues and greens, which provide a myriad of color combinations, as well reds and orangey earthy tones, providing an equal amount of creative color stories. Each shade is able to play friendly with any other shade in the collection and the different types of eye looks are endless.

#Beauty Bay Book of Magic
If you are into beautiful purple/bluish color stories, then this one is for you. It's a beautiful bright yet, sultry palette, perfect for both eccentric day looks and sexy evening looks.

#5 EYN Fiery 16 Pan Palette
I am not a warm-toned person. They are just not my colors, however, when I want a beautiful bright orangish, reddish, mustard vibe, this is the very first palette that I go for. Hands down, this is an amazing palette that blends well with vibrant shimmer/metallic shades that layer on the lid with ease.

#6 Bright 16 Pan Palette
This is a great little palette to take with you if you are traveling. It does have some basic neutrals if you want to make a subtle look, but if you want something flashy, this is a great palette.

#7 Fiery 2.0 42 Pan Palette
This is an amazing palette. I am not a warm-toned person at all, but this has a great span of warm tones, basic neutrals, and pink tones. Ir is a very large palette, so it is not recommended for travel, but I think it would be great for a makeup artist or if you just happen to like large palettes.

#8 Sunset Horizon
This is a very cute palette and I believe it is the first 20 pan palette from Beauty Bay. It has everything you need. It has fantastic mattes and shimmers, neutrals, cool tones, warm tones, and it's perfect for every occasion. 

#9 Beauty Bay X Nikki Tutorials
This is very similar to the palette above except it is just a little expanded. It's not necessary travel friendly, or beginner friendly either, so that's why it's a little look. Still yet, it's a fantasitc palette that is well loved, and well used. 

#10 New Romantics
Again, another lovely palette, but it's just not my particular color story, however it does provide similar opportunities as the Fiery 2.0. I do not particularly care for the formula as much as I do my normal experience. Perhaps I got a "bad" batch because the quality was not as top notch as I have experienced with Beauty Bay.

#11 Bright 42 Pan Palette
The are a couple of reasons that this is further down on the list. First is the pure size. 42 pans is quite big and I am not likely to use it as often. Seconly, I have several, several, several bright palettes in my collection at this point with equally excellent quality. Last is that because of the pan size it would take a long time to ever hit pan. With all that being said, the quality is outrageously wonderful and the arrary of colors is perfect.

#12 Evolve 
I truly do like this palette. It is very reminsent of the ABH Subsulture Palette. It is very beautiful, however, I really wish it was condenssed significantly. If it was a 12 pan palette I would really, really dig it a lot. It's just way too big for the shade range and the amount of looks one is able to achieve. 

#13 Identity 
This is by far my keast favorite palette. I'm not a fan of the color story in the slightest, and I don't really understand it either. I will say the quality is consistent with the other Beauty Bay palettes I have tried!