Saturday, May 14, 2022

★★Natasha Denona Pastel Palette★★Mini Review for Medium to Tan Skin★★


★★Natasha Denona Pastel Palette★★

Mini Review

I know that I am a little late to the game, however, my reasons for this will be explained in a following post regarding an "unintentional' low buy. If you know anything about me as a creator or personally, you are well aware that I am a Natasha Denona Super Fan. I own all and I mean ALL of Natasha Denona's palettes. This includes both her extra-large palettes, her Star Palette, her Ten Pen palette, ALL of her 5 pan palettes, including the holiday and limited/special edition 5 pan palettes, all of her Medium size palettes, her Midi Palettes, and all of her Mini Palettes. That's a lot of palettes and it's the only brand that I collect every palette regardless of the color story or price. Now, that is what is you call a true Super Fan! Nevertheless, over time it is true that Ms. Denona and her company have made considerable adjustments to her formula and from palette to palette, it seems as though there is a variation amongst several of the palettes, however, that is never a deterrent for my purchasing any of her palettes.

With all that being said, I was, in fact, very hesistant about purchasing this particular palette based upon my experience with pastel shades and my skin tone. I am an African-American female with what I would describe as medium skin with a significant yellow undertone. Pastels and I are generally not friends. They either do not show up, require a significant amount of building and rebuilding to obtain a modicum of color, or my skin tone completely washes out the intended color. So, one can understand my skepticism at purchasing a $65 dollar palette that is completely compromised of pastels from top to bottom.

Natasha and her team did do a couple of smart things to make this palette wearable for people of varying skin tones. Adding the shades "Bara", "Bubble", and  "Zest" were essential to making this an inclusive palette for many, allowing people with medium to tan skin to use pastel shades while adding a bit of depth to the crease and giving the wearer the ability to create a beautiful outer "v". The shimmers are spectacularly beautiful, rich and apply well, last long on the eyelid and add the finale touch to a very spring/summertime look. I know that the reviews for this palette can be considered polar opposites, but from where I sit I find it a well-done inclusive palette that one should give a try in you are in the market for a beautifully designed pastel palette.

Price: $65 (9/10) 
Color Story (9/10)
Inclusivity (7.5/10)
Application (10/10)
Wearability (9/10)
Matte to Shimmer Ratio (10/10)
Packaging (8/10)
Brand Reputation (10/10)