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Saturday, June 18, 2022


★★Mini Review★★ 

In the last year and a half, Oden's Eye has made quite an impact on the Indie Makeup Community, propagated by trusted mini and midi YouTube beauty-related channels. I say trusted, but are they? Some of them I believe absolutely, although they may or may not be receiving PR. Some of them, I am not quite sure about. Either way, this review is about my experience and my thoughts on the eyeshadow palettes that I tried, and perhaps my reasons why I may or may not give the brand a second chance.

Hype -  Hype can be quite a dangerous thing to the consumer. Are consumers more likely to purchase a product from an unknown average run-of-the-mill person, or a well-known YouTuber or celebrity? When you think of things on a grand scheme, most consumers are more likely to purchase items based upon a well-known person because they are "trusted and recognizable," however, does the consumer ever stop to think about the motivation behind the sponsorship of these "trusted and recognizable" indviduals. The answer is simple, trusted and recognizable individuals are the very epitome of influential persons that consumers see as reliable, knowledgeable, and honest about the products they are marketing. But how true is this notion? What about the products, the overwhelming amount of products these individuals receive, so much that it is impossible to accurately and fairly review each and every single part of whatever the campaign is compromised of. Secondly, what about the commission or payments received for promoting said products? This is certainly a contingent factor on how the reviewer may rate or perceive these products.

Getting back to my initial notion about the average American consumer viewing another average American consumer provide uncensored reviews and details about a product. Now please understand that I not specifying this to just my experience with Oden's Eye, but with any product that is promoted with such enthusiasm, avidity, and eagerness. I personally would find a review to have validity when presented by someone who has little to nothing to gain by being free with their opinion and providing both constructive criticisms as well as attributes of the product.

My personal assessment: The three palettes I bought were fair to decent. I didn't care for the packaging and I didn't care for the split pans in the middle of each palette. I also find the names of each palette a bit confusing, or maybe annoying is a better word. I did not care for the textures of the shimmer/metallic shadows at all. They are either too chunky creating a hellified mess on my face or too thin requiring an absurd amount of layering and even if used as toppers it's difficult to do so because of the chunkiness of the other textured shadows. I did, however, really enjoy the color stories, not just of the palettes I chose, but also of all the other palettes on the website and that does make me want to maybe give this brand another go, but I am undecided at this time. 

The moral of this review as with any product that is over-promoted by various individuals is to take your time and read multiple reviews, some by experts, but most by average consumers. Overhype culture is real and is easy to get caught up in, so buyer beware.

Price: $65 (8/10) 
Color Story (7/10)
Inclusivity (7.5/10)
Application (7/10)
Wearability (7.5/10)
Matte to Shimmer Ratio (8/10)
Packaging (10/10)
Brand Reputation (10/10)

Saturday, June 4, 2022


★★Mini Review★★

Both of these palettes I purchased directly from the brand off of Etsy. One always takes quite a gamble when they purchase from brands that are not as well known or not known altogether. But, I myself am a gambling gal, so when I ran across Pink Crush Cosmetics which you can find by clicking HERE, so I decided to give the brand a chance. The two palettes that I chose to purchase were the MultiChrome Eyeshadow Palette (which is no longer available on the site but is available as individual shades) and the Metaphorimis Palette (which is still available on the site). There are an additional 8 palettes on the website that are listed at the bottom of this page.

Whenever I purchase from a new brand, my thought process usually is"hope for the best, prepare for crap". You just never know what you are going to receive. Poor packaging? Underfilled or overfilled pans? Excess of glitters or terrible matte to shimmer ratio? Poor customer service/poor customer relations/poor brand communication? Or one of the worst considered by consumers is all of the above coupled with the horrible shipping time and poor packaging of the item your item. All of the issues are absolutely something that can make or break the relationship between customer loyalty and brand reputation. Some brands really do not take these issues into consideration as serious factors when managing their relationship with customers and merely see them as an order number with an address, and they rarely see the name (unless that person is receiving PR :)
I say all this to say that I personally did not experience any of the horrible things that come with trying a new brand or even reordering from brands a customer may already have a longstanding relationship with and consider the brand reliable. My experience with the brand was top-notch. and beyond my expectations. First, the order process was simple, no fuss, and easy to navigate. The palette arrived in perfect condition in a very, very timely manner. Although the packaging and the component of the palette is a bit simple, I will say that the names of the shades are on the palettes, which is a big deal for me when dealing with small indie brands, and the outer packaging mirrors the palettes color story.

In terms of the performance of the palette, one word comes to mind, outrageous. The MultiChrome Palette is so magnificent. the pigmentation and the strong, vibrant, sensational color payoff is something you just do not find in your ordinary "mainstream" eyeshadow palette. It's just beautiful. You can do a stunning one shadow look for a fun summer/spring look, or you can lightly add it on top of an existing shadow to give it a little umph.  Please check out the swatches, and video clip for a glimpse of the beauty of this palette. 

As far as the Metaphormis Palette, I was a little apprehensive. Due to the dark rich colors, my first concern was blending potential splotch patterns it could create a problem creating a well-done cohesive look. There is nothing worst than a dark shade that sticks and will not blend and seeing as these lean heavily purplish/blue gave me great cause for concern. However, my concerns were easily put to rest quickly and with ease. All of the shades (mattes) and I mean ALL of them work together and merge with simplicity and the shimmers are so liberal and bountiful with color that I personally did not even wet my brush because it wasn't necessary. It is perfect for date night or an evening out and could definitely be a go-to winter palette.

Impressive, 100% impressive. That's how I was sum up my experience with both the brand and the product and based on my vast collection of eyeshadow palettes, I feel comfortable saying that I am an aficionado and concessioner of a variety of palettes, regarding textures, color theory, color depth, application, etc. With this knowledge, I am confident in saying that Pink Crush Cosmetics, produces quality products, and realistic prices, with unique color stories. I highly recommend checking out this brand, as I am sure that you will not be disappointed.

Price: $35.95 each (9/10) 
Color Story (9/10)
Inclusivity (10/10)
Application (10/10)
Wearability (9/10)
Matte to Shimmer Ratio (10/10)
Packaging (9/10)
Brand Reputation (10/10)
Highly Recommend!


 Nocturnal Garden $35.95

  Lucid Dream $35.95

 Fairy Tales $35.95 

 Rainforest $35.95

Rainbow Reef $35.95

Romance $30.95

How Merlot Can You Go? $32.95

 Enchanted Garden $35.95

Wednesday, March 23, 2022




Company Profile

Beauty Bay is a UK website that sells all sorts of beauty products from various brands and companies, including their own, and ships them all over the world. Until recent years they only sold products from other brands, however, over the past few years, they have entered the market with their own beauty products. Beauty Bay is making an especially impressive impact from skincare to makeup with its widely reviewed eyeshadow palettes. Not only have they appeared on the scene with their own palettes, but have introduced well-liked and respected collaborations with influencers such as MMMitchel and Nikkie Tutorials! Both beauty influencers are hot, innovative, veteran content creators that have a very strong and devout following. Let's take a look at my experience with the 13 Beauty Bay Eyeshadow Palettes I personally own, shall we? 

"BEAUTY BAY’s mantra is to share our beauty obsessions with the world. Founded by two of life’s rebels who had no formal training, just a tonne of passion, we started out as a fragrance retailer and quickly discovered a whole universe of beauty just waiting to be unleashed."

Price/Purchase Process/Marketing

The first Beauty Bay palette that caught my was, of course, their 42 Color Brights Palette. Of course, that would be the first one, right? I ordered that particular palette, along with a couple of other items from Beauty Bay to get free shipping, but also because I was curious about the brand's transition from just a website that provided other brands' beauty products into a brand introducing their own beauty products.


Except for the MMMitchiell & Nikkie Tutorials collaborations, the Beauty Bay brand's packaging is quite simple, compromising recycled cardboard, with equally simple wording with a splash of color here and there! The early Beauty Bay palettes, featuring a variety of both all matte, all shimmer as well as a combination of both, rely on neutral and bright shade combinations. As Beauty Brand launched additional palettes, especially after the success of Mitchell and Nikie's palettes, the color story took on a more interesting and diverse color wheel which drew in more business and set the brand apart from a distributor into a fully recognized brand of its own. 

Comparable Brands

Certain people will throw out the most common and equivocally irritating comparison of Beauty and Morphe, which is not only ridiculous but unfounded in comparison on any level whatsoever. Even comparing Beauty Bay to a more appealing brand, such as BH Cosmetics, is not an accurate juxtaposition of the two brands.

Let's start with the asinine comparison of Morphe. Excuse me as I sigh heavily with irritation, disgust, and an astounding eye roll likened to a teenager communicating with their parental until....I digress. First and foremost, well, no, let's just get right to it - Morphe has subpar quality, lack the most basic sense of originality, have color stories that are seen over and over and over again throughout the industry, SOMETIMES within their on damn brand and they are most certainly not a distributor. They sell makeup made by YouTubers. That's not a damn distributorship, ok? They remake the same palettes with the same shades, in different ways, with different palette names, which are always a lazy toss off of a previous palette, or a name so obvious it's simply pathetic, throw an 18, 25, 35, or 39 in front of it and call it a miracle. All tea, and tones of shade. Moving onto a different brand that is comparable in a different way.

BH Cosmetics, like Morphe, is not a distributor - at least not in any way that Beauty Bay is, however, BH Cosmetics is definitely comparable in terms of quality. I was super pissed when I missed the initial Sweet Shoppe launch, but when the relaunch came around, baby, I was on it! Beauty Bay and BH Cosmetics (along with LA Girl) are my top picks in terms of quality, affordability, performance, pigmentation, and just generally everything that life should be made of when you're on a budget. Not a huge Colourpop fan, not at all, but the aforementioned are remarkable. The only two major differences are that BH Cosmetics is not a distributorship, and Beauty Bay Eyeshadow Palettes are not as well known because of their recent arrival over the last several years and their more active role as a distributorship.

Pigmentation/Color Payoff/Performance

When I first purchased a Beauty Bay, it really was in an effort to basically get free priority shipping and I thought to myself, “treat yourself girl, give it a try” and so I did exactly did that. I was extremely overwhelmed. I have a  problem when other beauty influencers use their brand to “tell their truth” when these platforms are designed for brand owners’ fuck ups, it’s designed to sell makeup. I am not saying that they don’t relate, but to use your platform, a platform that is closely watched and imitated by millions of impressionable young men and women, in order to propel your personal agenda is irresponsible and wildly inappropriate abuse of inflicting influence and power.

All the being said, I have yet to see Beauty Bat wrapped up in such deplorable acts of desperation in order to gain or expand their customer/fan base.

Overall Product Presentation

By now, my beauty influencers using platforms such as Youtube have become hip to Beauty Bay's products and it's about damn time. I don't know which influencers receive PR from Beauty Bay, but I am certain that my love affair with Beauty Bay began before the first PR package was ever sent out. Their initial launch of palettes was simple, yet maintained excellent quality. Now, that color stories are changing and evolving, becoming more creative over time, the quality has continually improved helping the brand earn a much-deserved spot in the beauty community.