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Monday, August 9, 2021



Rating is out 10 out of 10, with a full point given for each of the ten sections listed above. Points per section may be issued in the following denominations: 0,.0 .25, .50, 1.0. For further clarification, the sections listed are worth a total of 1.0 point and are:



I own all 15 palettes from this brand eyeshadow palette selection  I initially purchased three, but because of the reasonable price and the outstanding quality of the palettes, I quickly returned to this brand, which can be found on Etsy, and purchased the remaining twelve palettes  

Company Profile

This brand, like many others on Etsy, are independently owned, and  minority owned, being spearheaded by female owners  

Purchase Process 

The brand was extremely communicative, responding to any and all questions I had about specific palettes, whether the question concerned color story,  ingredients used to make specific shades, how the story was created, as well as the theme of the actual palette and the creativity used to compile the theme and associated with the colors inside the palette and the brand almost made it easy for me to purchase and part with my money without incident ( insert laughter here)!


I have to say that the packaging with some of the most unique packaging I've ever experienced especially from an independent brand off of Etsy. The packaging was so unique and specifically designed to encapsulate the color story associated with the palette's theme! One must realize that the majority of brand on Etsy that are independent are putting their own money into their business oh, and to provide eyeshadow palettes that have such great detail and such great quality is a hard thing to miss in this case. It is obvious that this brand is really bringing out it's best to the market knowing you that it is saturated with other brands who are not necessarily consistently doing what they are attempting to do


Unfortunately, this is a weak spot of the . This is why people like me who enjoy their products so much reach out anyway they can to promote the brand. The code above was issued to me from the brand after a request was made by me. Let me be clear that I make no money from this code, it is simply so that I can promote the brand. Because the market is so saturated and there are so many Indie Brands coming out with all kinds of different products, brands like ROLE PLAYING GLAMOUR go unnoticed which is extremely unfortunate. So, I my best to promote the brand and bring light to their fabulous products. I hope that other micro and nanl influencers are able to do the same!

Comparable Brands

If I am being completely honest, given the creative nature of the brand and it's unique branding, I don't think that is possible to compare this brand to anything like it on the Indie market. Sure, you have brand like Glamlite who are creative in their marketing, but are they really!?? I mean their brand relies solely on a good based theme, as does Beauty Bakerie, however, ROLE  PLAYING GLAMOUR, has an overall branding and creative outlook with individual thematic elements that relate back to the outlook, yet don't rely solely on the creative vision. 


The brand utilizes several different types of textures, consistenoes, vibrant colors, and coincide with the theme of each palette. Although most palettes are metallic or textures shades, they are easily paired with an all matte palette. 


The performance of these palettes are remarkablely well made definitely worth the money spent on each palette. Each palette is so unique in theme, coupled with the intensity of the pigmentation, you couldn't ask for a better deal!

Overall Product Presentation

As I have stated before, this brand is so unique from theme and concept, to packaging and presentation, and most importantly the performance of the shades themselves are much for conversation. My suggestion is if you're looking for an indie brand, with quality palettes and have a desire to support small business, give this a brand a go. 

You can find the brand HERE

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