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Friday, August 6, 2021




Let me first say that it was very difficult to rank the majority of these palettes and truthfully they could be interchangeable in terms of the position of ranking; however, some of these palettes stand out above others. One of the palettes that stands out above all others is one that is listed below - The Metropolis Palette. There is so much diversity within this palette, not just in terms of color scheme, but also in terms of textures, and the ability to create a multitude of color combinations creating varying eye looks. Yes, admittedly some of the shades look quite similar, for instance, the number of brown shades. But if one looks closely and examines the tonal difference of the browns and google the swatches associated of each of the brown tones, as well as particularly feels the textures of each brown shade, one will begin to understand the creativity this palette can provide.

This is actually the very first Natasha Palette that I purchased. At the time of purchase, it was $169. It was very much my daily palette as I became captivated by the formula, both matte and metallic shades. In fact, this palette was my first experience with true metallic shadows. And although I have encountered metallic shadows that are equally as sophisticated as Natasha Denona’s and maybe even better (in particular from Indie Brands) there is something particularly innovative about Natasha Denona’s metallic formula. I placed this second on my list because, although this is a neutral palette, it has depth in its selection of shades, textures, and varying tones. It is not necessarily thematic like other palettes by the brand, allowing for more variety in looks which could which can either be work-appropriate or glammed up. There are even opportunities to create looks the lean either cool or warm!

This is truly one of my favorite palettes from the brand for a couple of reasons: first exotic color story and the matte to metallic ratio, leaving heavily metallic. One of the most captivating shades is in the seven-column, third shade down. It’s a beautiful shade, that’s also in Natasha Denona’s Palette 5 #3. It’s one of the few shades in my very, very, very large eyeshadow palette collection that I have “hit pan” in. I adore the color story although it is restrictive and some of the shades repeat themselves in the Palette 5 #3. Even though there are some cons to this palette, the pros outweigh them significantly and since this is my personal take on the ranking of these palettes, my thoughts are all that matter.

The Lila Palette is ranked at number 4 because of the color story and my affinity for pinks and purples. The palette doesn't appear to have the ability to provide a significant multitude of eye looks. And again is true that the looks can be restrictive, however, if you combine this palette with shades from the Blue/Purple palette, you would be pleasantly surprised at the number of combinations of eye looks and the same can be said if you were to combine the Lila palette with the Love palette, or even the Sunrise palette. A beautiful myriad of eye looks can arise from these combinations. The pans of this palette are large and contain plenty of product which I believe gives the price tag of $129 appropriate.

Now, I am NOT a warm-toned palette type of gal. Not because I don't think warm-toned palettes are beautiful, but in particular because reds, true reds, do not look good on me. I can only use a "true red" if it is combined with a look that utilizes pinks and/or purple. However, the Sunset palette has several shades that draw my attention. First, it has a beautiful shade in the bottom right corner that is perfect as a transition or crease shade. It has varying tones of both browns, reds, and taupes which allow for a variety of warm-toned looks that look amazing on my eyes. The deep cranberry shade in the third column, third row, is a magnificent outer v shade, and the same can be said for the shade to the right of it as well as the matte shade in the 5th column, 2nd row down.

This palette is a quite large palette with 28 shades with large pans measuring 2.5grams. This is a great work-appropriate palette. It offers tons of options in terms of shades, tones, finishes, and textures. Yes, it is true that similar to the Purple/Blues, the color story is somewhat restrictive, but at the same time, there is some diversity within the color scheme. If you play around with the palette, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the looks you are able to come up with that are both stunning and practical.

  NUMBER #7 

I get it, why is it so far done on the list....I know it sounds crazy, but hear me out. I actually love and enjoy this palette quite a bit, however, every time I use it, I pretty much come up with the same look. I absolutely love the look/s I come up with. It's very indicative of Subculture from ABH. It's an absolutely stunning palette, truly, however, for me, it's just a one-note kind of palette. The classic Natasha Denona formula, true to form, but I wish there was more diversity within the palette itself.


A lot of people kind of forget about this palette, but I find that this palette is quite diverse and is a great summer palette. This palette was a limited edition from Natasha Denona, but really wish they would bring it back seasonally for the summertime. It actually has the ability to create several neutral looks, but that bottom row has my heart. You can create some stellar blue, green, and purplish/blue eye looks.


This is a great little cool-toned palette. It is a great palette if you are specifically looking for a cool-toned palette. It has a great shimmer to matte ratio and has that great quality Natasha Denona we have all come to know and love. The reason it is so far down on the list is strictly that it only able to produce cool-toned produce looks. There are no other options within the palette. I don’t mind a palette that leans heavily cool to heavily warm, but I prefer a palette where there is a little more diversity and has the ability to produce more options. 


Again this is another excellent palette, and it has some diversity with the ability to make some great neutral looks, and there is nothing "wrong" with the color scheme at all, other than the fact the I own SEVERAL palettes with very similar color stories. I really only purchased it for 2 reasons: it's a Natasha Denona palette and....well, I guess there is only 1 reason.

I think that is a very clever color story. It is basically sectioned off in quads. Every corner of the palette has shades adjacent to one other that present a great combination of colors that create very distinctive looks....However, I can see that, but perhaps most people might not be able to see that type of layout and this could be considerably offputting to a regular person purchasing their first differently colored eyeshadow palette, and that might make it difficult to create looks overall. 


This man is low on the Totem pole because it is just not my preferred color story at all. I am not a bare/neutral/rosey type of gurl, that's why I never got big on the  Modern Renaissance or the Soft Glam from ABH. They are just not my tones and these are not either.

The reason that this is also low man on the Totem pole is because I own many, many palettes containing  purple and/or green in color stories. Also, I find this palette very limited in terms of opportunities to create a variety of eye looks. There is purple and green and that's pretty much it!

The only reason that this ranked lower than the other palettes is strictly because I haven't had the opportunity to use it as much as I want to in order to formulate an issue an informed objective opinion, HOWEVER, I will say that the handful of times I have used this palette I have been very, very impressed with Natasha Denona's first true attempt at a colorful /rainbow palette. I'm sure with more use it will quickly  become one of  the top three. The quality alone is enough for one to seriously consider purchasing this palette, but if you're a long time fan of Natasha Denona, this is an easy one to pick up. 

This was the very first palette I purchased from Natasha Denona. Either this one or the Star palette. Either way, this one is one that I don't use very often anymore, but still proud to own.  One of the reason I don't use this one anymore is because it's entirely metallic and the palette is quite "ordinary" and a  little "basic". It's not something I would utilize nowadays.  Also, the shades are quite smokey and not everyday shades that I can use regularly.

    The only reason this is the very last palette is because it's all matte! I do not do all matte looks, I would have to use an ancillary palette in order to create a cohesive look. I  absolutely love the color story as it is very reminisce of ABH Subculture, which I love! However, again, I don't do all matte looks.