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Wednesday, March 10, 2021


1.       Beauty and makeup are subjective. The only opinion that matters about your makeup and general appearance is YOURS, so own your BEAUTY!

2.       Wear makeup for you and no one else. If you are waiting for someone else to recognize your outer beauty, then you will not be able to recognize on your own. More importantly, you won’t be able to appreciate your inner beauty either.

3.       You do not HAVE to wear makeup every day, UNLESS, you want to.

4.       Ask yourself….What am I comfortable with? It will save a lot of time being pretentious.

5.       Where are you going during the day? Me, personally, I can wear my makeup to work or to the club because of my personality, but perhaps you’re not comfortable with wearing blue and green eye makeup to work or church and that’s completely ok!!! So, ask yourself, where am I going today and will I be comfortable socially with my look.

6.       Base makeup: Are you a foundation type of gal, and if so, are you a more luminous person, or do you prefer a matte finish. *You may want to consider your skin type (oily, dry, or combo) when considering a foundation or PERHAPS, you prefer not wear a foundation, but powder instead? OR maybe you prefer neither?

7.       When picking base products, for the love of God, ask for help. Matching your base product to your skin can be very tricky, so if you need help ask for it!

8.       Know your color wheel. Do you prefer Neutral, Cool, Warm or Bright eye looks. Warm or Cool blushes and bronzers and what color highlighter (if you choose) to wear it looks best on your skin. Remember, just because it’s beautiful doesn’t mean it’s the best choice for your skin tone.

10.   What products do you want to wear on a daily basis? Foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliner, lashes, eyeshadow, brow products, blush, highlighter, etc

11.   Are you interested in higher end products or something budget friendly or maybe both? Whatever you decide is your choice, and it’s perfectly ok to choose what suits you best! Don’t allow outside influence to dictate what you should use in your collection. Reviews and outside perspectives are great, but remember the final choice is YOURS!

12.   Your look does NOT have to match your outfit. Eccentric and eclectic are in!

13.   Your makeup collection is YOURS. You don’t have to ask anyone permission to own anything. Don’t let people shame you for what you buy (or over buy 😊)

**Remember, you can appreciate something beautiful in its many forms and understand that it may not be the look for you. That’s ok! You are an individual so always be authentic and be proud to be sassy and sexy and over 40!